Ant Plural, What is the plural of Ant?

Meaning of Ant

The meaning of Ant is; a small insect typically having a sting and living in a complex social colony with one or more breeding queens.

Singular ant Plural of Ant

The plural of Ant is ants.

Singular Plural
Ant ants

Ant as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The tiny ant carried a large crumb on its back.
  2. The ant crawled along the kitchen countertop.
  3. She observed the busy trail of the marching ant.
  4. The child watched an ant carry food to its nest.
  5. The ant disappeared into a small crack in the wall.
  6. The picnic was interrupted by an invasion of ants.
  7. The scientist studied the behavior of the worker ant.
  8. The ant diligently searched for food in the garden.
  9. The child drew a picture of an industrious ant.
  10. The magnifying glass revealed the intricate details of the ant.

Ant as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The picnic was disrupted by a swarm of ants.
  2. The garden was infested with pesky ants.
  3. The researcher observed the interactions between two colonies of ants.
  4. They set up traps to control the population of ants.
  5. The kitchen was invaded by a line of marching ants.
  6. The ants carried away the fallen crumbs from the picnic.
  7. The child marveled at the intricate tunnels created by the worker ants.
  8. The exterminator was called to eradicate the pesky ants.
  9. The scientist studied the social structure of the ants.
  10. The ants swarmed over the discarded food.

Singular Possessive of Ant 

The singular possessive form of “Ant” is “Ant’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ant:

  1. The ant’s trail led to the food source.
  2. I found the ant’s nest under the rock.
  3. Don’t step on the ant’s path.
  4. The sugar attracted the ant’s attention.
  5. I watched the ant’s movements with fascination.
  6. The child was fascinated by the ant’s behavior.
  7. The ant’s bite left a small mark on my arm.
  8. The ant’s strength is impressive for its size.
  9. The ant’s colony is well-organized and efficient.
  10. I observed the ant’s teamwork in carrying food.

Plural Possessive of Ant 

The plural possessive form of “Ant” is “Ants'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ant:

  1. The ants’ trails crisscrossed the garden.
  2. I accidentally stepped on the ants’ anthill.
  3. The picnic was invaded by the ants’ presence.
  4. The children were fascinated by the ants’ teamwork.
  5. The food crumbs attracted the attention of the ants’ colony.
  6. We need to get rid of the ants’ nest near the house.
  7. The ants’ bites can cause irritation and itching.
  8. The garden was overrun by the ants’ invasion.
  9. The scientists studied the behavior of the ants’ society.
  10. The ants’ strength allows them to carry heavy loads.

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