Bison Plural, What is the plural of Bison?

Meaning of Bison is

a humpbacked shaggy-haired wild ox native to North America and Europe.

Singular and Plural of Bison

Singular Plural
Bison Bisons

Bison as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The majestic bison roamed the grassy plains.
  2. The bison is an iconic symbol of the American West.
  3. The rancher raised a domesticated bison herd.
  4. The injured bison limped away from the predators.
  5. A solitary bison grazed peacefully in the meadow.
  6. The Native Americans revered the sacred bison.
  7. The photographer captured the magnificence of the charging bison.
  8. The bison is the largest land mammal in North America.
  9. The park ranger shared interesting facts about the endangered bison.
  10. The wildlife sanctuary provided a safe haven for the rescued bison.

Bison as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The bison gather in large herds during the mating season.
  2. We observed a group of wild bison from a safe distance.
  3. The prairie was once teeming with thousands of roaming bison.
  4. The conservationists worked tirelessly to protect the endangered bison.
  5. The tourists marveled at the sheer number of grazing bison.
  6. The bison migrate across vast distances in search of food.
  7. The photographer captured stunning images of the stampeding bison.
  8. The scientists studied the social behavior of the interacting bison.
  9. The ranchers managed a sustainable population of domesticated bison.
  10. The park offered guided tours to see the free-roaming bison.

Singular Possessive of Bison 

The singular possessive form of “Bison” is “Bison’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Bison:

  1. The Bison’s coat was thick and warm.
  2. I admired the Bison’s majestic presence in the wild.
  3. The hunter aimed for the Bison’s heart.
  4. The park ranger observed the Bison’s grazing habits.
  5. We followed the trail of the Bison’s hoofprints.
  6. The photographer captured the beauty of the Bison’s horns.
  7. The zookeeper fed the Bison’s favorite vegetables.
  8. Visitors marveled at the Bison’s powerful stature.
  9. The Native Americans respected the Bison’s spirit.
  10. A strand of the Bison’s fur clung to the fence.

Plural Possessive of Bison 

The plural possessive form of “Bison” is “Bisons'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Bison:

  1. The tourists observed the Bisons’ migration.
  2. The researchers studied the behavior of the Bisons’ herd.
  3. The park rangers monitored the Bisons’ feeding grounds.
  4. The Native Americans revered the Bisons’ historical significance.
  5. The conservationists worked to protect the Bisons’ habitat.
  6. Visitors watched as the Bisons’ calves frolicked in the field.
  7. The photographers captured stunning images of the Bisons’ dominance.
  8. The scientists analyzed the genetic makeup of the Bisons’ population.
  9. The naturalists documented the changes in the Bisons’ grazing patterns.
  10. The sound of the Bisons’ thundering hooves echoed through the valley.

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