Orca Plural, What is the Plural of Orca?

Meaning: fish, dolphin, whale

Plural of Orca

Singular Plural
orca orcas

Orca as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The majestic orca emerged from the water with a powerful leap.
  2. I watched in awe as the orca swam alongside our boat.
  3. The distinct black and white markings of the orca were striking.
  4. The orca gracefully glided through the waves, leaving a trail behind.
  5. I learned about the intelligence and social behavior of the orca from a documentary.
  6. The sight of the playful orca splashing in the sea brought joy to my heart.
  7. The orca communicated with its pod through a series of clicks and whistles.
  8. The presence of the orca indicated a healthy marine ecosystem.
  9. The dorsal fin of the male orca stood tall above the water.
  10. The survival of the orca relies on the availability of prey.

Orca as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. We were lucky to witness a pod of wild orcas during our whale-watching tour.
  2. The group of orcas moved in unison, hunting for food.
  3. The family of orcas displayed their acrobatic skills, breaching and flipping in the water.
  4. The sound of the melodic calls of the orcas echoed through the bay.
  5. The researchers studied the migratory patterns of the orcas in the region.
  6. The population of resident orcas in the area faced threats from pollution and noise.
  7. The hunting strategies of the transient orcas differed from those of the resident ones.
  8. The young orcas learned from their elders, developing crucial survival skills.
  9. The encounter with a group of orcas was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  10. The conservation efforts aimed to protect the habitat of the endangered orcas.

Singular Possessive of Orca

The singular possessive form of “Orca” is “Orca’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Orca:

  1. The Orca’s dorsal fin is distinctive.
  2. I saw the Orca’s graceful leap.
  3. The Orca’s black and white coloring is striking.
  4. Orca’s intelligence is remarkable among marine mammals.
  5. The Orca’s hunting techniques are fascinating.
  6. The Orca’s presence indicates a healthy ecosystem.
  7. Orca’s vocalizations can be heard for miles.
  8. The Orca’s pod is tightly knit.
  9. We spotted the Orca’s sleek, streamlined body.
  10. The Orca’s powerful tail propels it through the water.

Plural Possessive of Orca

The plural possessive form of “Orca” is “Orcas'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Orca:

  1. The Orcas’ migration patterns cover vast distances.
  2. We observed the Orcas’ social interactions.
  3. The Orcas’ communication is highly sophisticated.
  4. Orcas’ dorsal fins can vary in shape.
  5. The Orcas’ hunting strategies are strategic.
  6. The Orcas’ population needs conservation efforts.
  7. We marveled at the Orcas’ acrobatic displays.
  8. The Orcas’ hunting grounds provide abundant prey.
  9. We witnessed the Orcas’ cooperative hunting behavior.
  10. The Orcas’ sleek bodies allow for efficient swimming.

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