Vestment Plural, What is the Plural of Vestment?

Meaning: a chasuble or other robe worn during service

Plural of Vestment

Singular Plural
vestment vestments

Vestment as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The priest wore an ornate vestment during the ceremony.
  2. The vestment was made of richly embroidered fabric.
  3. The religious leader explained the symbolism of the vestment.
  4. The choir members wore matching vestments for uniformity.
  5. The vestment added a sense of solemnity to the occasion.
  6. The tailor carefully crafted the intricate design of the vestment.
  7. The vestment was passed down through generations in the family.
  8. The priest folded the vestment and placed it in the drawer.
  9. The ceremony required the use of a specific color vestment.
  10. The bishop blessed the new set of vestment for the church.

Vestment as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The priests wore their ceremonial vestments during the procession.
  2. The church had a collection of exquisite vestments.
  3. The religious leaders donned their traditional vestments for the service.
  4. The choir members wore matching embroidered vestments.
  5. The vestments added a touch of elegance to the religious event.
  6. The tailor crafted the intricate designs on the set of vestments.
  7. The priest carefully stored the clean vestments in the wardrobe.
  8. The ceremony required the use of different colored vestments.
  9. The church invested in new silk vestments for the clergy.
  10. The bishop blessed the congregation while wearing his gold-threaded vestments.

Singular Possessive of Vestment:

  1. The vestment’s color faded over time.
  2. I borrowed the vestment’s intricate embroidery.
  3. The priest wore the vestment’s golden trim.
  4. I admired the vestment’s ornate design.
  5. The silk fabric of the vestment’s lining was exquisite.
  6. The bishop held the vestment’s hem as he walked.
  7. The tailor repaired the vestment’s torn sleeve.
  8. The church donated the vestment’s old collection.
  9. I noticed a stain on the vestment’s front.
  10. The dry cleaner restored the vestment’s original luster.

Plural Possessive of Vestment:

  1. The church’s storeroom held the vestments’ variety.
  2. The priest’s vestments’ colors complemented each other.
  3. The parishioners donated the vestments’ new set.
  4. The seamstress repaired the vestments’ damaged hems.
  5. The choir members wore their vestments’ embroidered logos.
  6. The vestry displayed the vestments’ intricate patterns.
  7. The priest blessed the vestments’ sacred symbolism.
  8. The sacristan cared for the vestments’ delicate fabrics.
  9. The church purchased new vestments’ for the ceremony.
  10. The congregation admired the vestments’ elegant designs.

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