Pancreas Plural, What is the Plural of Pancreas?

Meaning: a large gland behind the stomach

Plural of Pancreas

Singular Plural
pancreas pancreases

Pancreas as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The pancreas is an important organ in the body.
  2. The doctor examined the patient’s pancreas for any abnormalities.
  3. The malfunctioning pancreas caused insulin deficiency.
  4. The surgeon carefully removed the diseased pancreas.
  5. The pancreas secretes enzymes to aid in digestion.
  6. The healthy lifestyle choices promote a well-functioning pancreas.
  7. The damaged pancreas required immediate medical attention.
  8. The patient underwent surgery to repair the damaged pancreas.
  9. The pancreas plays a crucial role in regulating blood sugar levels.
  10. The doctor explained the functions of the pancreas to the patient.

Pancreas as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctors studied the patient’s diseased pancreases.
  2. The pancreases of individuals with diabetes often require insulin therapy.
  3. The researchers conducted experiments on animal pancreases.
  4. The surgical team analyzed the multiple affected pancreases.
  5. The function of the pancreases was impaired due to a genetic disorder.
  6. The pancreases of the donors were carefully matched with the recipients.
  7. The scientists studied the cellular composition of the healthy pancreases.
  8. The patients with pancreatic cancer had tumors in their pancreases.
  9. The autopsies revealed abnormalities in the deceased individuals’ pancreases.
  10. The doctors monitored the patients’ recovery after the transplant of new pancreases.

Singular Possessive of Pancreas

The singular possessive form of “Pancreas” is “Pancreas’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Pancreas:

  1. The doctor examined Pancreas’s condition.
  2. Pancreas’s function is crucial for digestion.
  3. I need to monitor Pancreas’s health closely.
  4. Pancreas’s role in the body is significant.
  5. We studied Pancreas’s structure in biology class.
  6. The surgeon operated on Pancreas’s patient.
  7. Pancreas’s enzymes aid in digestion.
  8. The researcher discovered Pancreas’s secretory abilities.
  9. Pancreas’s malfunction can lead to health issues.
  10. Can you explain Pancreas’s role in metabolism?

Plural Possessive of Pancreas

The plural possessive form of “Pancreas” is “Pancreases'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Pancreas:

  1. Pancreases’ functions are interconnected in the body.
  2. We researched Pancreases’ impact on digestion.
  3. The scientists studied Pancreases’ response to stimuli.
  4. Pancreases’ hormones regulate blood sugar levels.
  5. The doctors analyzed Pancreases’ health collectively.
  6. We examined the effects of Pancreases’ disorders.
  7. Pancreases’ cells produce important enzymes.
  8. The team investigated Pancreases’ role in metabolism.
  9. Pancreases’ functions support overall well-being.
  10. Can you describe Pancreases’ structure and function?

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