Executive Plural, What is the Plural of Executive?

Meaning: relating to or having the power to put plans or actions into effect.

Plural of Executive

Singular Plural
Executive Executives


  • administration
  • administrator
  • officer
  • manager
  • management
  • leader
  • government
  • entrepreneur
  • director
  • commander
  • chief

Singular Possessive of Executive

The singular possessive form of “Executive” is “Executive’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Executive:

  1. The decision lies with the Executive’s authority.
  2. We should respect Executive’s leadership and expertise.
  3. The project’s success depends on Executive’s guidance.
  4. Executive’s vision shapes the company’s direction.
  5. The report highlights Executive’s strategic decisions.
  6. We should seek Executive’s approval before proceeding.
  7. The role of the Executive’s assistant is essential.
  8. Executive’s responsibility includes overseeing the budget.
  9. The board evaluates Executive’s performance regularly.
  10. The meeting discusses Executive’s proposed initiatives.

Plural Possessive of Executive

The plural possessive form of “Executive” is “Executives'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Executive:

  1. The conference gathers various industry Executives’ expertise.
  2. We should learn from successful business Executives’ strategies.
  3. The panel features different company Executives’ insights.
  4. The book profiles influential Executives’ career paths.
  5. The seminar discusses multiple Executives’ perspectives on leadership.
  6. Executives’ decisions impact the organization’s future.
  7. We should analyze different Executives’ management styles.
  8. The article explores successful Executives’ decision-making processes.
  9. The roundtable addresses challenges faced by industry Executives’.
  10. Executives’ priorities shape the company’s culture and values.

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