Carcass Plural, What is the Plural of Carcass?

Meaning: the dead body of an animal.

Plural of Carcass


Synonyms of Carcass

  • remains
  • body
  • skeleton

Carcass as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The vultures circled above the decaying carcass.
  2. The hunter found the carcass of a deer in the woods.
  3. The carcass attracted scavengers from miles away.
  4. The researchers studied the decomposing carcass for clues.
  5. The carcass was picked clean by the predators.
  6. The abandoned carcass was a grim sight.
  7. The forensic team examined the carcass for evidence.
  8. The park ranger disposed of the animal carcass.
  9. The photographer captured an eerie image of the animal carcass.
  10. The presence of the carcass indicated a recent kill.

Carcass as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The vultures feasted on the animal carcasses.
  2. The predator’s den was surrounded by various carcasses.
  3. The scavengers fought over the leftover carcasses.
  4. The hunters collected the carcasses for research purposes.
  5. The field was littered with the remains of animal carcasses.
  6. The smell of rotting carcasses filled the air.
  7. The biologist documented the different types of animal carcasses.
  8. The area was a hotspot for animal carcasses due to the harsh conditions.
  9. The vultures competed for the most accessible carcasses.
  10. The naturalist observed the ecosystem’s interaction with the animal carcasses.

Singular Possessive of Carcass

The singular possessive form of “Carcass” is “Carcass’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Carcass:

  1. The carcass’s scent attracted scavenging vultures.
  2. I found a fly buzzing around the carcass’s remains.
  3. The hunter claimed ownership of the carcass’s antlers.
  4. The coyotes fought over the carcass’s scraps.
  5. A scientist studied the DNA of the carcass’s bones.
  6. The smell emanating from the carcass’s belly was putrid.
  7. The sight of the carcass’s decay disturbed the hikers.
  8. The villagers disposed of the carcass’s body in the river.
  9. The gravedigger prepared the plot for the carcass’s burial.
  10. The farmer burned the carcass’s remains to prevent disease.

Plural Possessive of Carcass

The plural possessive form of “Carcass” is “Carcasses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Carcass:

  1. The vultures fought over the carcasses’ leftovers.
  2. The scientists examined the carcasses’ skeletal structures.
  3. The hunters collected the carcasses’ hides for tanning.
  4. The smell of the rotting carcasses’ attracted scavengers.
  5. The villagers disposed of the carcasses’ bodies in a pit.
  6. The investigators cataloged the carcasses’ various injuries.
  7. The ranchers discovered the carcasses’ footprints in the mud.
  8. The documentary filmmaker captured the carcasses’ eerie beauty.
  9. The forest rangers removed the carcasses’ bones from the trail.
  10. The archaeologists studied the carcasses’ ancient remains.

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