Cuff Plural, What is the Plural of Cuff?

Meaning: the end part of a sleeve.

Plural of CUFF

Singular Plural
Cuff Cuffs


  • sock
  • chop
  • clip
  • biff
  • box
  • buffet

Cuff as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She rolled up the cuff of her shirt sleeves.
  2. The tailor adjusted the length of the pant cuff.
  3. He felt the cold wind against his bare cuff.
  4. The detective noticed a stain on the suspect’s shirt cuff.
  5. She wore a bracelet around her wrist above the cuff.
  6. The doctor checked his patient’s blood pressure with a cuff.
  7. He buttoned the cuff of his jacket before going outside.
  8. She brushed away a tear with the back of her cuff.
  9. The police officer handcuffed the suspect’s cuff
  10. He adjusted his watch beneath his shirt cuff.

Cuff as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They rolled up the cuffs of their jeans to keep them dry.
  2. The tailor adjusted the lengths of the pant cuffs for all the groomsmen.
  3. He wore stylish shirts with French cuffs to formal events.
  4. The detective inspected the suspect’s jacket for any hidden cuffs.
  5. She admired the delicate lace details on the shirt cuffs.
  6. The doctor measured the patient’s blood pressure using different-sized cuffs.
  7. They buttoned the cuffs of their jackets to stay warm in the cold.
  8. She wiped away her tears with the damp cuffs of her sleeves.
  9. The police officer placed handcuffs on the suspect’s cuffs.
  10. He adjusted the time on his watch beneath his shirt cuffs.

Singular Possessive of Cuff

The singular possessive form of “Cuff” is “Cuff’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cuff:

  1. The tailor added embroidery to the Cuff’s edge.
  2. The shirt’s Cuff’s design reflected the latest fashion trends.
  3. The jacket’s Cuff’s button came in silver.
  4. Cuff’s tightness can be adjusted with the button.
  5. The seamstress repaired the torn Cuff’s lining.
  6. The garment’s Cuff’s elegance enhanced its overall appeal.
  7. The designer’s attention to detail showed in the Cuff’s finish.
  8. The fabric of the dress’s Cuff’s matched the collar.
  9. Cuff’s style varied based on the garment’s purpose.
  10. The customer requested a personalized monogram on the Cuff’s.

Plural Possessive of Cuff

The plural possessive form of “Cuff” is “Cuffs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cuff:

  1. The handcuffs’ Cuffs’ locking mechanism was secure.
  2. The shirts’ Cuffs’ buttonholes were reinforced for durability.
  3. The jackets’ Cuffs’ design featured contrasting colors.
  4. The pants’ Cuffs’ length could be customized.
  5. Cuffs’ appearance can be personalized with accessories.
  6. The police officer adjusted the suspects’ Cuffs’ for comfort.
  7. The uniform’s Cuffs’ cleanliness was part of the dress code.
  8. The tailor altered the garments’ Cuffs’ according to the customers’ preferences.
  9. The fashion designer added unique embellishments to the couture Cuffs’.
  10. The tailored suits’ Cuffs’ matched the lapels’ fabric.

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