Flour Plural, What is the plural of Flour?

Meaning: a powder obtained by grinding grain, typically wheat.

Singular and Plural of Flour

Singular Plural
Flour Flours

Flour as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I need flour to bake a cake.
  2. She sifted the flour before mixing it.
  3. The recipe calls for one cup of flour.
  4. The baker kneaded the flour to make dough.
  5. I spilled some flour on the kitchen counter.
  6. Can you buy a bag of flour from the store?
  7. The pastry chef used flour to make the crust.
  8. I prefer using whole wheat flour for bread.
  9. The baker weighed the flour before adding it.
  10. The aroma of freshly baked flour filled the air.

Flour as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. We need to buy several bags of flour.
  2. The shelves were stocked with different types of flour.
  3. The bakery ordered large quantities of flour.
  4. She stored the different flours in separate containers.
  5. They experimented with various flours for the recipe.
  6. The chef mixed different flours to create a blend.
  7. The store offered a wide variety of flours.
  8. The recipe required mixing multiple types of flour.
  9. The bakers measured the different flours precisely.
  10. The gluten-free section had alternative flours available.

Singular Possessive of Flour

The singular possessive form of “Flour” is “Flour’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Flour:

  1. The baker used high-quality Flour’s for the recipe.
  2. The Flour’s texture and consistency were crucial for the cake.
  3. The Flour’s freshness influenced the taste of the bread.
  4. The chef emphasized the importance of measuring Flour’s accurately.
  5. The gluten-free Flour’s availability was limited in the store.
  6. The Flour’s origin and processing method affected its quality.
  7. The recipe called for sifting the Flour’s before mixing.
  8. The baker’s hands were covered in Flour’s as he kneaded the dough.
  9. The recipe’s success relied on the right balance of Flour’s and other ingredients.
  10. The pastry chef showcased different types of Flour’s in her creations.

Plural Possessive of Flour

The plural possessive form of “Flour” is “Flours'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Flour:

  1. The bakery offered a wide variety of Flours’ for baking enthusiasts.
  2. The recipes called for different Flours’ depending on dietary restrictions.
  3. The bakers experimented with blending different Flours’ for unique flavors.
  4. The chef’s kitchen stocked various Flours’ to cater to different needs.
  5. The cookbook featured a chapter on utilizing alternative Flours’.
  6. The nutritionist explained the benefits of incorporating diverse Flours’ in one’s diet.
  7. The baking competition judged the contestants’ use of different Flours’.
  8. The health-conscious consumers sought organic and whole-grain Flours’.
  9. The specialty store provided customers with a range of imported Flours’.
  10. The farmers grew different grains for producing various types of Flours’.

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