Suffix Plural, What is the Plural of Suffix?

Meaning: a word added at the end of a word

Plural of Suffix

Singular Plural
suffix suffixes

 Synonyms of Suffix

  • postfix
  • appendix
  • addition

Suffix as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The linguist studied the origin and meaning of the suffix.
  2. The English language has numerous suffixes that modify word meanings.
  3. The teacher explained how to add a suffix to a base word.
  4. The writer used a creative suffix to invent a new word.
  5. The study of morphology includes the examination of suffixes.
  6. The textbook provided a comprehensive list of common suffixes.
  7. The suffix “-less” indicates the absence of something.
  8. The linguistics professor taught the students how to identify suffixes.
  9. The child learned how to build new words using suffixes.
  10. The etymology of the word traced back to its original suffix.

Suffix as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The linguists analyzed various suffixes across different languages.
  2. The workshop focused on the study and classification of different suffixes.
  3. The textbook contained exercises for practicing the use of suffixes.
  4. The linguistics conference featured presentations on emerging suffixes in modern languages.
  5. The students memorized a list of commonly used English suffixes.
  6. The linguistic research aimed to identify and catalog new and rare suffixes.
  7. The language-learning app provided interactive lessons on suffixes.
  8. The linguists compared the suffixes in different dialects of the same language.
  9. The study explored the historical evolution of specific suffixes.
  10. The linguistics department offered advanced courses on the study of suffixes.

Singular Possessive of Suffix

The singular possessive form of “Suffix” is “Suffix’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Suffix:

  1. The meaning of the word lies in its suffix’s significance.
  2. We analyzed the suffix’s impact on the root word.
  3. The linguist explained the role of the suffix’s placement.
  4. The textbook provided examples of the suffix’s usage.
  5. The language lesson focused on understanding the suffix’s purpose.
  6. The researcher investigated the suffix’s historical development.
  7. The analysis examined the suffix’s grammatical function.
  8. The dictionary entry clarified the suffix’s pronunciation.
  9. The workshop discussed strategies for memorizing the suffix’s meanings.
  10. The lecture emphasized the importance of recognizing the suffix’s patterns.

Plural Possessive of Suffix

The plural possessive form of “Suffix” is “Suffixes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Suffix:

  1. The meanings of words are influenced by suffixes’ significance.
  2. We studied various suffixes’ impacts on root words.
  3. The linguists explained the different roles of suffixes’ placement.
  4. The textbooks provided examples of multiple suffixes’ usage.
  5. The language lessons focused on understanding various suffixes’ purposes.
  6. The researchers investigated the historical development of different suffixes’.
  7. The analyses examined the grammatical functions of different suffixes’.
  8. The dictionary entries clarified the pronunciation of various suffixes’.
  9. The workshops discussed strategies for memorizing different suffixes’ meanings.
  10. The lectures emphasized the importance of recognizing various suffixes’ patterns.

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