Swine Plural, What is the Plural of Swine?

Meaning: contagious viral disease of animals related pig

Plural of Swine

Singular Plural
swine Swine/swines

 Synonyms of Swine

  • hog
  • pig
  • boar
  • peccary
  • porker
  • oinker
  • wild boar

Swine as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The farmer raised a healthy swine for market.
  2. The veterinarian examined the sick swine for signs of disease.
  3. They observed the behavior of the wild swine in their natural habitat.
  4. The swine in the pen were being fed a nutritious diet.
  5. He studied the breeding patterns of the domesticated swine.
  6. The meat from the roasted swine was served at the feast.
  7. The farmer cared for each swine with attention to their well-being.
  8. The expert provided guidelines for raising healthy swine.
  9. They monitored the weight gain of the young swine.
  10. The swine competed in a livestock competition at the county fair.

Swine as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The farm had a herd of healthy and robust swine.
  2. They attended a seminar on raising and managing swine.
  3. The market prices for swine fluctuated throughout the year.
  4. The farm specialized in breeding and selling swine.
  5. They visited a pig farm to learn about the life cycle of swine.
  6. The barn housed a large number of swine.
  7. The students observed the behavior of the group of swine.
  8. The swine were fed a balanced diet to ensure their growth.
  9. They invested in a modern facility to house the swine.
  10. The market was flooded with imported and domestic swine.

Singular Possessive of Swine

The singular possessive form of “Swine” is “Swine’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Swine:

  1. The farmer takes care of Swine’s health.
  2. Swine’s diet mainly consists of grains.
  3. The veterinarian examined the Swine’s condition.
  4. The Swine’s pen was cleaned daily.
  5. Swine’s reproduction cycle is well-studied.
  6. Swine’s meat is consumed worldwide.
  7. The Swine’s waste is used as fertilizer.
  8. The keys to the barn are Swine’s.
  9. Swine’s genetic characteristics influence breeding.
  10. I learned about Swine’s diseases in agriculture class.

Plural Possessive of Swine

The plural possessive form of “Swine” is “Swine’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Swine:

  1. The two farms’ Swine’s were raised differently.
  2. We studied various Swine’s breeds.
  3. The farmers’ Swine’s grazed in open fields.
  4. The Swine’s diets were carefully monitored.
  5. We analyzed the Swine’s growth rates.
  6. The veterinarians’ role is crucial for Swine’s health.
  7. The farms’ and breeders’ Swine’s were compared.
  8. The Swine’s reproduction patterns were observed.
  9. The farms’ biosecurity measures protected the Swine’s.
  10. We learned about the Swine’s industry regulations.

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