Denarius Plural, What is the Plural of Denarius?

Meaning: an ancient Roman silver coin, originally worth ten asses.

Plural of Denarius

Singular Plural
Denarius Denarii

Synonyms of Denarius

  • sestertii
  • antoninianus
  • drachma
  • sestertius
  • drachmae
  • florin

Denarius as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The archaeologist discovered an ancient denarius
  2. The museum displayed a rare Roman denarius in their collection.
  3. The numismatist appraised the value of the silver denarius.
  4. The historian researched the historical significance of the emperor’s denarius.
  5. The collector added a pristine denarius to their coin album.
  6. The archaeology student wrote a paper on the symbolism of the Roman denarius.
  7. The museum curator carefully handled the delicate denarius.
  8. The expert identified the emperor depicted on the worn denarius.
  9. The auction house sold the ancient denarius to a private collector.
  10. The enthusiast admired the intricate design on the ancient denarius.

Denarius as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The treasure hunters discovered several Roman denarii in the excavation.
  2. The museum exhibited a collection of ancient denarii from different emperors.
  3. The numismatist specialized in grading and authenticating Roman denarii.
  4. The historian studied the political context surrounding the minting of the denarii.
  5. The collector showcased their extensive array of valuable denarii.
  6. The archaeology team unearthed a hoard of buried Roman denarii.
  7. The expert compared the inscriptions on different types of denarii.
  8. The auction featured a rare set of pristine silver denarii.
  9. The enthusiast eagerly added new denarii to their growing collection.
  10. The museum curator organized an exhibition on the artistry of Roman denarii.

Singular Possessive of Denarius

The singular possessive form of “Denarius” is “Denarius’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Denarius

  1. The Denarius’s value has increased significantly.
  2. I found the Denarius’s inscription fascinating.
  3. Please return the Denarius’s rightful owner.
  4. The archaeologist studied the Denarius’s origin.
  5. The museum displayed the ancient Denarius’s collection.
  6. The historian analyzed the Denarius’s historical significance.
  7. The auctioneer appraised the Denarius’s worth.
  8. The expert examined the Denarius’s minting technique.
  9. The collector cherished the rare Denarius’s discovery.
  10. The scholar deciphered the Denarius’s inscribed message.

Plural Possessive of Denarius

The plural possessive form of “Denarius” is “Denarii’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Denarius

  1. The Denarii’s origin traces back to ancient Rome.
  2. The archaeologists unearthed the Denarii’s hidden cache.
  3. The museum displayed the valuable Denarii’s collection.
  4. The experts examined the intricate Denarii’s designs.
  5. The auction featured the rare Denarii’s on sale.
  6. The collectors eagerly sought the ancient Denarii’s.
  7. The historians studied the historical context of the Denarii’s.
  8. The enthusiasts admired the detailed craftsmanship of the Denarii’s.
  9. The numismatists researched the numismatic value of the Denarii’s.
  10. The scholars analyzed the inscriptions on the ancient Denarii’s.

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