Hostess Plural, What is the plural of Hostess?

Meaning: a woman who receives or entertains guests.

Plural of Hostess

Singular Plural
Hostess Hostesses

Hostess as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The hostess greeted the guests with a warm smile.
  2. The hostess showed us to our table at the restaurant.
  3. The flight hostess served refreshments during the journey.
  4. The party hostess ensured everyone felt welcome and comfortable.
  5. The hostess organized the seating arrangements for the event.
  6. The cruise ship hostess provided information about onboard activities.
  7. The hostess coordinated the flow of guests at the reception.
  8. The restaurant hostess took reservations and managed the waiting list.
  9. The airline hostess demonstrated the safety procedures before takeoff.
  10. The hotel hostess arranged transportation for the guests.

Hostess as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The airline employed a team of professional hostesses.
  2. The event required a group of experienced and attentive hostesses.
  3. The party organizers recruited several enthusiastic hostesses for the occasion.
  4. The restaurant hired additional hostesses to handle the busy weekend crowd.
  5. The conference provided training sessions for aspiring hostesses.
  6. The airline recognized the outstanding service of its hostesses.
  7. The cruise ship had a diverse and friendly crew of hostesses.
  8. The hotel employed bilingual hostesses to assist international guests.
  9. The trade show assigned different tasks to the team of hostesses.
  10. The hostesses worked together to create a welcoming and enjoyable experience.

Singular Possessive of Hostess

The singular possessive form of “Hostess” is “Hostess’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Hostess:

  1. The hostess’s hat matched her uniform.
  2. I admired the hostess’s professionalism and grace.
  3. We enjoyed our meal at the hostess’s restaurant.
  4. The passengers appreciated the hostess’s attentiveness.
  5. The hotel displayed the hostess’s photo on the wall.
  6. The hostess’s smile welcomed us into the venue.
  7. The airline recognized the hostess’s exceptional service.
  8. The party was held at the hostess’s spacious backyard.
  9. The hostess’s greeting made us feel comfortable.
  10. The event wouldn’t have been successful without the hostess’s efforts.

Plural Possessive of Hostess

The plural possessive form of “Hostess” is “Hostesses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Hostess:

  1. The hostesses’ uniforms were well-coordinated.
  2. The hostesses’ professionalism impressed the guests.
  3. The passengers appreciated the hostesses’ assistance.
  4. The hotel recognized the hostesses’ dedication to their work.
  5. The hostesses’ smiles brightened up the room.
  6. The airline commended the hostesses’ outstanding service.
  7. The event organizers acknowledged the hostesses’ contributions.
  8. The company celebrated the hostesses’ hard work.
  9. The team relied on the hostesses’ expertise for a successful event.
  10. The hostesses’ warm welcome made everyone feel at ease.

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