Carrot Plural, What is the Plural of Carrot?

Meaning: a tapering orange-colored root eaten as a vegetable.

Plural of Carrot

Singular Plural
Carrot Carrots

Synonyms of Carrot

  • allowance
  • reward
  • surplus
  • allotment
  • bonus
  • coupon
  • gain
  • premium
  • proceeds
  • remittance

Carrot as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I ate a carrot for lunch today.
  2. The rabbit nibbled on the carrot.
  3. Can you peel the carrot for the salad?
  4. She planted a single carrot in the garden.
  5. The orange carrot was fresh and crunchy.
  6. I need to buy a bunch of carrot for the stew.
  7. The chef grated the carrot for the coleslaw.
  8. He sliced the carrot into thin strips.
  9. The farmer pulled a large carrot from the ground.
  10. The grocery store sells organic carrot.

Carrot as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She bought a bag of carrots from the market.
  2. The recipe calls for three diced carrots.
  3. I harvested the ripe carrots from my backyard.
  4. The rabbits ate all the planted carrots.
  5. The fresh organic carrots were on sale.
  6. We need to peel and chop the carrots.
  7. The soup is made with chopped carrots.
  8. The stew was packed with diced carrots.
  9. I prefer roasted carrots with my meal.
  10. The juicer makes delicious carrot juice from fresh carrots.

Singular Possessive of Carrot

The singular possessive form of “Carrot” is “Carrot’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Carrot:

  1. The rabbit enjoyed chewing on the carrot’s crunchy texture.
  2. The chef used the carrot’s fresh flavor in the salad.
  3. The garden displayed the carrot’s vibrant orange color.
  4. The nutritionist praised the carrot’s high vitamin content.
  5. The juicer extracted the carrot’s nutritious juice.
  6. The recipe called for the carrot’s finely grated pieces.
  7. The farmer harvested the carrot’s long and slender shape.
  8. The market sold the carrot’s organic variety at a higher price.
  9. The child eagerly bit into the carrot’s sweet taste.
  10. The blender transformed the carrot’s raw form into a smooth puree.

Plural Possessive of Carrot

The plural possessive form of “Carrot” is “Carrots'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Carrot:

  1. The recipe required two cups of carrots’ shredded pieces.
  2. The gardeners watered the carrots’ rows daily for optimal growth.
  3. The rabbits nibbled on the carrots’ leafy tops.
  4. The market displayed various sizes of the carrots’ bundles.
  5. The soup recipe called for the carrots’ diced chunks.
  6. The chef used the carrots’ natural sweetness to balance the dish.
  7. The health-conscious individuals incorporated the carrots’ fiber-rich benefits into their diet.
  8. The juicer extracted the juice from the carrots’ vibrant flesh.
  9. The farmer harvested the carrots’ crisp texture and earthy flavor.
  10. The supermarket offered a discount on the carrots’ bulk purchases.

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