Insignia Plural, What is the plural of Insignia?

Meaning: a distinguishing badge or emblem of military rank.

Plural of Insignia


Insignia as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The military officer proudly displayed his insignia.
  2. She received a medal with a beautiful insignia on it.
  3. The captain wore a uniform adorned with various insignias.
  4. The royal family’s insignia is recognized worldwide.
  5. The organization’s insignia represents its values and mission.
  6. The police officer pointed to the insignia on his shoulder.
  7. The insignia was carefully embroidered on the official document.
  8. The diplomat wore a pin with the country’s insignia.
  9. The soldiers proudly wore their unit’s insignia on their hats.
  10. The insignia on the building indicated its historical significance.

Insignia as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The museum displayed a collection of military insignias.
  2. They examined the intricate designs of different insignias.
  3. The awards ceremony honored individuals with various insignias.
  4. The uniforms were decorated with embroidered insignias.
  5. The group members wore identical jackets with custom insignias.
  6. The organization presented special insignias to its long-standing members.
  7. The display showcased a range of colorful insignias from different countries.
  8. The military tradition involves the passing down of historical insignias.
  9. The catalog featured a section dedicated to rare and valuable insignias.
  10. The collector’s prized possessions were antique military insignias.

Singular Possessive of Insignia

The singular possessive form of “Insignia” is “Insignia’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Insignia:

  1. The general wore the military insignia’s emblem.
  2. The officer polished the insignia’s golden details.
  3. The collector displayed the rare insignia’s authenticity.
  4. The tailor embroidered the insignia’s design.
  5. The diplomat recognized the ambassador’s insignia’s significance.
  6. The historian researched the insignia’s historical context.
  7. The student earned the school’s prestigious insignia’s honor.
  8. The athlete proudly displayed the team’s insignia’s symbol.
  9. The detective recognized the detective’s insignia’s identification.
  10. The scholar analyzed the insignia’s cultural meaning.

Plural Possessive of Insignia

The plural possessive form of “Insignia” is “Insignias'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Insignia:

  1. The generals wore their respective military insignias’ emblems.
  2. The officers polished the insignias’ golden details.
  3. The collectors displayed the rare insignias’ authenticity.
  4. The tailors embroidered the insignias’ designs.
  5. The diplomats recognized the ambassadors’ insignias’ significance.
  6. The historians researched the insignias’ historical contexts.
  7. The students earned their schools’ prestigious insignias’ honors.
  8. The athletes proudly displayed their teams’ insignias’ symbols.
  9. The detectives recognized the detectives’ insignias’ identifications.
  10. The scholars analyzed the insignias’ cultural meanings.

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