Embassy Plural, What is the Plural of Embassy?

Meaning: the official residence or offices of an ambassador.

Plural of Embassy

Singular Plural
Embassy Embassies


  • committee
  • legation
  • mission
  • commission
  • consulate
  • delegation
  • ministry

Embassy as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The traveler visited the local embassy for assistance.
  2. The embassy issued visas to foreign visitors.
  3. The ambassador hosted a reception at the embassy.
  4. The embassy provided support to citizens in need.
  5. The journalist interviewed the ambassador at the embassy.
  6. The embassy staff worked tirelessly to help stranded travelers.
  7. The politician visited the country’s diplomatic embassy.
  8. The embassy organized cultural events to promote understanding.
  9. The tourist inquired about local attractions at the embassy.
  10. The security guard ensured the safety of the embassy.

Embassy as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The two embassies signed a mutual cooperation agreement.
  2. The diplomats from different countries gathered at the embassies.
  3. The protesters gathered outside the foreign embassies.
  4. The journalists reported on the tensions between the two embassies.
  5. The embassies exchanged diplomatic messages.
  6. The visitors were required to present their passports at the embassies.
  7. The security personnel maintained a strong presence around the embassies.
  8. The citizens sought assistance from their respective embassies.
  9. The countries’ representatives held meetings at the respective embassies.
  10. The local residents welcomed the diplomats from the neighboring embassies.

Singular Possessive of Embassy

The singular possessive form of “Embassy” is “Embassy’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Embassy:

  1. The security of the embassy’s premises is of utmost importance.
  2. Can I request an appointment with the embassy’s consul?
  3. The role of the embassy’s staff is to assist citizens abroad.
  4. Embassy’s response to emergencies is prompt and efficient.
  5. I’m grateful for the embassy’s support during my travels.
  6. Embassy’s influence extends beyond diplomatic affairs.
  7. Can I learn about the services provided by the embassy’s consular section?
  8. The architecture of the embassy’s building is impressive.
  9. Embassy’s role in fostering international relations is vital.
  10. Embassy’s flag represents the country it represents.

Plural Possessive of Embassy

The plural possessive form of “Embassy” is “Embassies'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Embassy:

  1. The cooperation among the various embassies’ contributes to global diplomacy.
  2. Can I seek assistance from different embassies’ during my travels?
  3. The security measures of the embassies’ ensure the safety of citizens.
  4. What are the functions of the consulates within the embassies’?
  5. The diversity of the embassies’ diplomatic missions is remarkable.
  6. Embassies’ collaboration promotes cultural exchange and understanding.
  7. Can we analyze the impact of different embassies’ policies on international relations?
  8. The architecture of the embassies’ buildings reflects their respective cultures.
  9. Embassies’ role in crisis management is crucial.
  10. Embassies’ flags represent the nations they represent.

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