Miscellaneous Plural, What is the Plural of Miscellaneous?

Meaning: various types or from different sources

Singular and Plural of Miscellaneous

Singular Plural
miscellaneous miscellanies

Miscellaneous as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The box contained a collection of miscellaneous items.
  2. She organized her desk by putting pens, papers, and miscellaneous objects in separate drawers.
  3. The museum had a section dedicated to miscellaneous artifacts.
  4. The miscellaneous expenses included transportation, meals, and accommodations.
  5. The job required handling various miscellaneous tasks throughout the day.
  6. The garage sale had a table of miscellaneous knick-knacks for sale.
  7. The store had a clearance section for miscellaneous items.
  8. The contractor’s bid included the cost of all miscellaneous materials.
  9. The bookshelf held a collection of miscellaneous books on different topics.
  10. The company’s policy stated that all miscellaneous expenses had to be approved.

Miscellaneous as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The garage sale had books, toys, and various miscellanies.
  2. The store has a section for miscellanies—odds and ends galore!
  3. The box labeled “miscellanies” held trinkets, buttons, and keys.
  4. She sorted through the shelf’s miscellanies for a missing puzzle piece.
  5. The museum’s exhibition showcased miscellanies from different eras and cultures.
  6. The yard sale offered a range of miscellanies, from furniture to clothing.
  7. Students organized the classroom’s miscellanies into categories.
  8. The attic was filled with dusty miscellanies—old photos and forgotten treasures.
  9. They searched through the miscellanies for a specific document.
  10. The donated box of miscellanies hoped to bring joy to someone else.

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