Tux Plural, What is the Plural of Tux?

Meaning: a tuxedo

Plural of Tux

Singular Plural
tux tuxes

Tux as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He looked dapper in his black and white tux.
  2. The groom wore a stylish tux for the wedding.
  3. They rented a designer tux for the formal event.
  4. The mannequin showcased a classic tux with a bowtie.
  5. He had his measurements taken for a custom-made tux.
  6. The award ceremony required the guests to dress in tuxes.
  7. They attended a charity gala dressed in their finest tux.
  8. The tailor altered the tux for a perfect fit.
  9. The tux added an air of sophistication to his attire.
  10. He wore a pocket square with his impeccably tailored tux.

Tux as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They rented matching tuxes for the group event.
  2. The wedding party looked elegant in their tailored tuxes.
  3. The event required the men to wear formal tuxes.
  4. They accessorized their tuxes with stylish cufflinks.
  5. The store offered a discount on rental tuxes.
  6. The ballroom was filled with guests in their finest tuxes.
  7. They shopped for affordable and well-fitted tuxes.
  8. The designer showcased a collection of modern and sleek tuxes.
  9. They attended the gala dressed in customized tuxes.
  10. The fashion show featured a variety of unique and unconventional tuxes.

Singular Possessive of Tux

The singular possessive form of “Tux” is “Tux’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Tux:

  1. My Tux’s color is midnight blue.
  2. The collar on Tux’s shirt is crisp.
  3. Tux’s tail wagged happily as he walked.
  4. I love the pattern on Tux’s bowtie.
  5. Can you please take off Tux’s shoes?
  6. Tux’s favorite toy is a squeaky mouse.
  7. I brushed Tux’s fur until it gleamed.
  8. Tux’s eyes sparkled with excitement.
  9. The hem of Tux’s coat was neatly pressed.
  10. Tux’s purring filled the room with contentment.

Plural Possessive of Tux

The plural possessive form of “Tux” is “Tuxes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Tux:

  1. All the Tuxes’ bowties were perfectly tied.
  2. I love the colors of the Tuxes’ cummerbunds.
  3. The tails of the Tuxes’ jackets were long.
  4. The Tuxes’ shoe polish was well-worn.
  5. The buttons on the Tuxes’ shirts were shiny.
  6. The Tuxes’ cufflinks were made of gold.
  7. I adjusted the fit of the Tuxes’ waistcoats.
  8. The pocket squares on the Tuxes’ blazers were silk.
  9. I admired the elegance of the Tuxes’ ensemble.
  10. The lapels on the Tuxes’ coats were satin-lined.

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