Task Plural, What is the Plural of Task?

Meaning: a piece of work to be done or undertaken

Plural of Task

Singular Plural
task tasks

 Synonyms of Task

  • piece of work
  • piece of business
  • occupation
  • mission
  • labour
  • job
  • function
  • engagement
  • duty
  • commission

Task as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She completed the challenging task with determination.
  2. The manager assigned him a crucial task.
  3. The project required careful planning and task
  4. The student tackled the difficult math task.
  5. The team worked together to accomplish the shared task.
  6. The professor set a deadline for the research task.
  7. The assignment consisted of a written task.
  8. The employee prioritized the most urgent task.
  9. The teacher provided clear instructions for the classroom task.
  10. The group divided the overall project into smaller tasks.

Task as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The employees juggled multiple tasks
  2. The team members collaborated on various tasks.
  3. The project manager assigned specific tasks to each team member.
  4. The to-do list consisted of numerous important tasks.
  5. The students worked on their individual tasks in the group project.
  6. The meeting agenda included discussion of pending tasks.
  7. The department divided the workload into manageable tasks.
  8. The team leader coordinated the completion of different tasks.
  9. The project timeline outlined the sequence of tasks.
  10. The employees communicated effectively to synchronize their tasks.

Singular Possessive of Task

The singular possessive form of “Task” is “Task’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Task:

  1. I completed the task’s requirements on time.
  2. The deadline for the task’s submission is tomorrow.
  3. Please prioritize the task’s importance in the list.
  4. The completion of the task’s milestones is crucial.
  5. John is responsible for the task’s progress report.
  6. The success of the project depends on the task’s completion.
  7. We need to discuss the details of the task’s implementation.
  8. The team is working together to achieve the task’s objectives.
  9. The quality of the final output reflects the task’s efficiency.
  10. The client expressed satisfaction with the task’s outcome.

Plural Possessive of Task

The plural possessive form of “Task” is “Tasks'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Task:

  1. The team members’ coordination improved tasks’ efficiency.
  2. The deadline for the tasks’ completion is next week.
  3. The progress of the individual tasks’ can be tracked easily.
  4. The team leaders discussed the tasks’ priorities in the meeting.
  5. The allocation of resources depends on the tasks’ requirements.
  6. The completion of all tasks’ milestones is necessary for success.
  7. We need to evaluate the tasks’ performance regularly.
  8. The clients’ feedback influenced the direction of the tasks’ development.
  9. The delegation of tasks’ responsibilities was well-balanced.
  10. The team celebrated the successful completion of all tasks’.

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