Inoculum Plural, What is the plural of Inoculum?

Meaning: a substance used for inoculation.

Plural of Inoculum


Inoculum as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The scientist used an effective inoculum to prevent infection.
  2. The nurse administered the inoculum to the patient.
  3. The laboratory is working on developing a new inoculum.
  4. The farmer used an organic inoculum for crop protection.
  5. The inoculum was carefully prepared under sterile conditions.
  6. The researchers studied the effects of different inoculums on plant growth.
  7. The doctor recommended a booster inoculum for added protection.
  8. The vaccine contains a weakened inoculum of the virus.
  9. The inoculum is essential for building immunity against diseases.
  10. The quality of the inoculum can significantly affect the outcome.

Inoculum as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The scientists tested various inoculums for their efficacy.
  2. They analyzed the different types of bacterial inoculums.
  3. The researchers compared the effects of multiple inoculums.
  4. The study focused on the diversity of fungal inoculums.
  5. The agricultural industry relies on beneficial microbial inoculums.
  6. The inoculums were carefully prepared in the lab.
  7. They conducted experiments to determine the optimal concentration of inoculums.
  8. The team is working on developing novel microbial inoculums.
  9. The production process involves the cultivation of specific inoculums.
  10. The researchers observed the growth of different bacterial inoculums.

Singular Possessive of Inoculum

The singular possessive form of “Inoculum” is “Inoculum’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Inoculum:

  1. The scientist studied the inoculum’s effectiveness.
  2. The researcher analyzed the inoculum’s composition.
  3. The lab technician prepared the inoculum’s concentration.
  4. The doctor administered the patient’s inoculum’s dosage.
  5. The pharmacist stored the inoculum’s vials properly.
  6. The biologist studied the inoculum’s growth rate.
  7. The farmer used the inoculum’s application technique.
  8. The veterinarian examined the inoculum’s impact on animals.
  9. The microbiologist isolated the inoculum’s strain.
  10. The botanist researched the inoculum’s role in plant growth.

Plural Possessive of Inoculum

The plural possessive form of “Inoculum” is “Inocula’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Inoculum:

  1. The scientists studied the inocula’s effectiveness.
  2. The researchers analyzed the inocula’s compositions.
  3. The lab technicians prepared the inocula’s concentrations.
  4. The doctors administered the patients’ inocula’s dosages.
  5. The pharmacists stored the inocula’s vials properly.
  6. The biologists studied the inocula’s growth rates.
  7. The farmers used the inocula’s application techniques.
  8. The veterinarians examined the inocula’s impact on animals.
  9. The microbiologists isolated the inocula’s strains.
  10. The botanists researched the inocula’s role in plant growth.

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