Areola Plural, What is the plural of Areola?

Meaning of Areola

The meaning of AREOLA is:  a small circular area, in particular the ring of pigmented skin surrounding a nipple.

Singular and Plural of Areola

The plural of Areola is areolae.

Singular Plural
Areola Areolae

Areola as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The areola is the pigmented area surrounding the nipple.
  2. Her breast had a small, dark areola.
  3. The baby latched onto the mother’s areola to nurse.
  4. The size of the areola varies among individuals.
  5. The doctor examined the patient’s areola for any abnormalities.
  6. She felt a tingling sensation in her left areola.
  7. The color of the areola can change during pregnancy.
  8. The nurse applied cream to soothe the cracked areola.
  9. The nipple protruded from the center of the areola.
  10. The dermatologist recommended sunscreen for protecting the areola.

Areola as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Her areolas were larger than average.
  2. The nurse observed the patient’s darkened areolas.
  3. Some women have light-colored areolas.
  4. The breastfeeding class discussed the changes in the areolas during pregnancy.
  5. The doctor examined the patient’s inverted areolas.
  6. The mother noticed that her baby was fascinated by her areolas.
  7. The artist drew intricate designs on the model’s areolas.
  8. The nipple is located in the center of the dark areolas.
  9. The nurse advised the new mother to moisturize her areolas.
  10. The surgeon performed a reconstruction procedure on her areolas.

Singular Possessive of Areola 

The singular possessive form of “Areola” is “Areola’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Areola

  1. The areola’s size varies among individuals.
  2. The doctor examined the patient’s areola’s condition.
  3. The mother’s areola’s color darkened during pregnancy.
  4. The sensitivity of the areola’s differs from person to person.
  5. The nursing mother protected her areola’s hygiene.
  6. The cosmetic surgeon offered procedures to enhance the areola’s appearance.
  7. The tattoo artist specialized in intricate designs on the areola’s.
  8. The hormonal changes affect the areola’s texture.
  9. The clothing should not rub against the areola’s during healing.
  10. The self-examination includes checking the areola’s for abnormalities.

Plural Possessive of Areola 

The plural possessive form of “Areola” is “Areolae’s”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Areola

  1. The symmetrical placement of the twins’ areolae’s fascinated researchers.
  2. The breastfeeding mothers’ areolae’s adjusted to their infants’ needs.
  3. The patients’ areolae’s healed well after surgery.
  4. The lactation consultant provided guidance for the mothers’ areolae’s.
  5. The variations in individuals’ areolae’s shape are normal.
  6. The clothing manufacturers designed bras to accommodate different sizes of areolae’s.
  7. The medical textbooks explained the functions of the female areolae’s.
  8. The models showcased lingerie that emphasized their areolae’s.
  9. The nurse marked the patients’ areolae’s for surgery preparation.
  10. The conversation about body positivity included discussions on the diversity of areolae’s.

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