Group Plural, What is the plural of Group?

Meaning: a number of people or things.

Singular and Plural of Group


Group as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The leader gathered the group for a team meeting.
  2. The teacher divided the class into small groups for a project.
  3. The tour guide herded the group towards the museum entrance.
  4. The therapist conducted a counseling session with the therapy group.
  5. The conductor directed the orchestra as a cohesive group.
  6. The project manager assigned tasks to each member of the working group.
  7. The organizer welcomed the participants and introduced the guest group.
  8. The trainer motivated the fitness group during the intense workout.
  9. The support group offered a safe space for sharing personal experiences.
  10. The coach emphasized the importance of teamwork to the sports group.

Group as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The teacher divided the students into small groups for discussion.
  2. The company formed several task groups to address specific projects.
  3. The tour guide led multiple groups through different parts of the museum.
  4. The event coordinator organized various entertainment groups for the festival.
  5. The committee consisted of representatives from different interest groups.
  6. The workshop participants were split into breakout groups for interactive sessions.
  7. The organization invited several guest groups to perform at the concert.
  8. The coach divided the athletes into practice groups based on skill level.
  9. The social groups mingled and socialized during the networking event.
  10. The survey respondents were classified into demographic groups for analysis.

Singular Possessive of Group

The singular possessive form of “Group” is “Group’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Group:

  1. The group’s decision was based on consensus.
  2. I appreciated the group’s collaborative effort.
  3. The success of the project relied on the group’s coordination.
  4. The group’s diversity brought valuable perspectives.
  5. We analyzed the dynamics of the group’s interactions.
  6. The researchers studied the behavior of the group’s members.
  7. The group’s leader provided guidance and direction.
  8. The group’s size affected its overall efficiency.
  9. The team evaluated the group’s performance using metrics.
  10. The success of the mission depended on the group’s cooperation.

Plural Possessive of Group

The plural possessive form of “Group” is “Groups'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Group:

  1. The different groups’ interests clashed during negotiations.
  2. We studied the dynamics between the groups’ members.
  3. The researchers compared the achievements of various groups’.
  4. The groups’ objectives were aligned towards a common goal.
  5. The effectiveness of the project relied on the groups’ collaboration.
  6. We analyzed the interactions between the groups’ representatives.
  7. The success of the initiative depended on the groups’ contributions.
  8. The team evaluated the performance of different groups’.
  9. The groups’ sizes varied, but their impact was significant.
  10. We observed differences in the strategies adopted by the groups’.

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