One Plural, What is the Plural of One?

Meaning: single, a unity

Singular and Plural of One

Singular Plural
one ones

Note: The word “one” is singular and does not have a conventional plural form. However, when referring to multiple instances of the number one, expressions like “several ones” or “multiple ones” can be used. Plurality can also be conveyed through fractions or ratios, such as “two-thirds of one.” In some contexts, “one” can represent a group or category of things. It’s important to provide additional context or use alternative linguistic constructs to avoid ambiguity when discussing precise quantities. Overall, while “one” lacks a specific plural form, language is adaptable, and expressions can be used to convey the idea of plurality in relation to number one.

One as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. One is all I need to solve the problem.
  2. Can I have one slice of pizza, please?
  3. One person is waiting at the bus stop.
  4. I only have one dollar in my wallet.
  5. Could you pass me that one book on the shelf?
  6. I need to buy one new pair of shoes.
  7. One bite of this cake is enough to satisfy me.
  8. She is the one who won the competition.
  9. Let’s meet at one o’clock in the afternoon.
  10. One mistake can cost you the entire game.

One as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I see several ones on the shelf.
  2. The store has multiple ones in stock.
  3. I bought two of those ones last week.
  4. These red ones are my favorite.
  5. The box contained many small ones.
  6. Can you give me a handful of ones?
  7. I need to replace the old ones with new ones.
  8. Those two blue ones are identical.
  9. The children played with colorful ones.
  10. The teacher asked for the correct ones to be highlighted.

Singular Possessive of One 

The singular possessive form of “One” is “One’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of One:

  1. The decision was One’s responsibility alone.
  2. The student took pride in One’s academic achievements.
  3. The artist showcased One’s masterpiece at the exhibition.
  4. The athlete’s success relied on One’s dedication and training.
  5. The teacher commended One’s effort in completing the assignment.
  6. One’s attitude can greatly impact the outcome of a situation.
  7. The author signed One’s name on the first page of the book.
  8. The child held One’s mother’s hand tightly while crossing the street.
  9. The president emphasized the importance of One’s vote in the election.
  10. The scientist’s research expanded One’s understanding of the universe.

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