Gyrus Plural, What is the plural of Gyrus?

Meaning: a convoluted ridge between anatomical grooves especially.

Singular and Plural of Gyrus

Singular Plural
Gyrus Gyri

Gyrus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The neurologist studied the patient’s frontal gyrus.
  2. The MRI scan revealed a lesion in the parietal gyrus.
  3. The brain surgery aimed to remove the damaged gyrus.
  4. The psychologist explained the functions of the occipital gyrus.
  5. The medical student identified the temporal gyrus in the brain diagram.
  6. The researcher examined the connectivity of the cingulate gyrus.
  7. The stroke affected the motor skills associated with the precentral gyrus.
  8. The scientist conducted experiments to understand the role of the insular gyrus.
  9. The brain atlas highlighted the location of the angular gyrus.
  10. The psychiatrist analyzed the activity in the limbic gyrus.

Gyrus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The neurologist examined the patient’s damaged frontal gyri.
  2. The MRI scan detected abnormalities in the parietal gyri.
  3. The surgeons operated on the affected temporal gyri.
  4. The research focused on the connectivity between different brain gyri.
  5. The study investigated the functions of the occipital gyri.
  6. The team mapped the activity patterns across the precentral and postcentral gyri.
  7. The brain imaging revealed abnormalities in the cingulate gyri.
  8. The researchers analyzed the changes in the insular gyri associated with emotional processing.
  9. The neuroscientist studied the neural activity in the angular gyri during language tasks.
  10. The textbook provided detailed illustrations of the different cerebral gyri.

Singular Possessive of Gyrus

The singular possessive form of “Gyrus” is “Gyrus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Gyrus:

  1. The gyrus’s surface was intricately folded.
  2. I could see the gyrus’s function in action.
  3. The anatomy of the gyrus’s structure fascinated me.
  4. The development of the gyrus’s connectivity was studied.
  5. We analyzed the activity of the gyrus’s neurons.
  6. The complexity of the gyrus’s organization amazed researchers.
  7. The researchers investigated the gyrus’s role in memory.
  8. The gyrus’s size varied across different species.
  9. The team studied the evolution of the gyrus’s shape.
  10. We observed changes in the gyrus’s morphology over time.

Plural Possessive of Gyrus

The plural possessive form of “Gyrus” is “Gyri’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Gyrus:

  1. The gyri’s functions interacted in complex ways.
  2. We explored the development of the gyri’s connections.
  3. The researchers analyzed the gyri’s role in cognition.
  4. The team studied the evolution of the gyri’s structures.
  5. The gyri’s organization differed between individuals.
  6. We observed changes in the gyri’s activation patterns.
  7. The complexity of the gyri’s functions was astonishing.
  8. The team investigated the gyri’s contribution to perception.
  9. The researchers explored the connectivity of the gyri’s neurons.
  10. The team compared the sizes of the gyri’s across species.

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