Family Plural, What is the Plural of Family?

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Meaning of Family, Families

The meaning of Family is a group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit.

Singular and Plural of Family, Families in English

Singular Plural
Family Families

Synonyms of Family, Families

  • clan
  • folk
  • group
  • house
  • household
  • people
  • tribe
  • ancestors
  • ancestry
  • birth
  • blood
  • brood
  • children
  • class
  • descendants
  • descent
  • dynasty
  • extraction
  • forebears
  • genealogy
  • generations
  • genre

Family as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. My family went on a vacation together.
  2. She cherished spending time with her family.
  3. The family gathered around the dinner table.
  4. His family supported him throughout his journey.
  5. We celebrated birthdays with our extended family.
  6. The family enjoyed a day at the amusement park.
  7. The family portrait captured their love and togetherness.
  8. She longed for a peaceful Sunday with her family.
  9. The bond between the family members grew stronger.
  10. They were invited to a family

Family as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Both families gathered to celebrate the union.
  2. The two families spent holidays together.
  3. The families exchanged gifts during the festive season.
  4. The park was filled with laughing and playing families.
  5. The families enjoyed a day at the beach.
  6. The two families shared a close relationship.
  7. The neighborhood was known for its friendly families.
  8. The families supported each other in times of need.
  9. The community organized a picnic for all the local families.
  10. The school held a special event to celebrate the diversity of its families.

Singular Possessive of Family:

The singular possessive form of “Family” is “Family’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Family:

  1. The family’s car broke down on the way.
  2. I received a warm welcome from the family’s members.
  3. The family’s dog wagged its tail happily.
  4. The family’s house was beautifully decorated for Christmas.
  5. We gathered at the family’s table for Thanksgiving dinner.
  6. The family’s traditions were passed down through generations.
  7. The family’s vacation photos filled the photo album.
  8. The family’s history was traced back to ancient times.
  9. The family’s bond grew stronger during difficult times.
  10. The family’s laughter echoed through the house.

Plural Possessive of Family:

The plural possessive form of “Family” is “Families'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Family:

  1. The families’ houses lined the street for miles.
  2. The families’ children played together in the park.
  3. The families’ voices filled the auditorium during the performance.
  4. The families’ picnic baskets were filled with delicious food.
  5. The families’ reunions were always filled with joy.
  6. The families’ traditions were celebrated with enthusiasm.
  7. The families’ stories were passed down from one generation to another.
  8. The families’ support for each other was unwavering.
  9. The families’ photos adorned the walls of the community center.
  10. The families’ laughter echoed in the park on a sunny day.

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