Foot Plural, What is the Plural of Foot?

Meaning of Foot, Feet

The meaning of Foot is the lower extremity of the leg below the ankle, on which a person stands or walks.

Plural of Foot

Singular Plural
Foot Feet

Synonyms of Foot

  • hoof
  • pad
  • paw

Foot as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He injured his foot while playing soccer.
  2. She stepped on a sharp foot and winced in pain.
  3. The baby took its first foot
  4. He wore a cast on his broken foot.
  5. The dancer landed gracefully on her tiptoes and then her foot.
  6. The hiker felt a blister forming on his foot.
  7. She wore a comfortable pair of foot
  8. The doctor examined the patient’s injured foot.
  9. The marathon runner had blisters on her foot.
  10. He stubbed his foot on the coffee table.

Foot as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The hikers followed the muddy foot
  2. She bought new socks for her tired feet.
  3. The gymnast landed on her feet after a somersault.
  4. The marathon runners soaked their feet in ice water.
  5. They kicked off their shoes and let their feet
  6. The toddler’s tiny feet pitter-pattered across the room.
  7. The dancer moved swiftly on her nimble feet.
  8. He washed his feet after a long day at work.
  9. The athlete had sore feet from training.
  10. They soaked their tired feet in a warm foot bath.

Singular Possessive of Foot

The singular possessive form of “Foot” is “Foot’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Foot:

  1. The hiker felt a sharp pain in his foot’s arch.
  2. The athlete’s shoe was worn out at the foot’s sole.
  3. The doctor examined the patient’s injured foot’s range of motion.
  4. The dancer pointed her foot’s toes with elegance.
  5. The mountaineer’s boot protected his foot’s delicate skin.
  6. The pedicurist applied lotion to the customer’s dry foot’s skin.
  7. The baby’s tiny foot’s imprint was captured in clay.
  8. The athlete wrapped his foot’s ankle tightly with bandages.
  9. The reflexologist massaged the customer’s sore foot’s pressure points.
  10. The athlete’s strong foot’s kick sent the ball flying.

Plural Possessive of Foot

The plural possessive form of “Foot” is “Feet’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Foot:

  1. The ballet dancers pointed their feet’s toes in unison.
  2. The runners massaged their feet’s muscles before the race.
  3. The hikers rested their tired feet’s soles on a rock.
  4. The orthopedic specialist examined the athletes’ injured feet’s ligaments.
  5. The podiatrist prescribed custom orthotics for the patients’ problematic feet’s arches.
  6. The dancers stretched their feet’s tendons to improve flexibility.
  7. The gymnasts balanced on their feet’s toes with remarkable precision.
  8. The marathoners soaked their sore feet’s blisters in warm water.
  9. The soldiers tied their feet’s laces tightly to prevent tripping.
  10. The shoes protected the workers’ feet’s safety in hazardous environments.

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