Grouse Plural, What is the plural of Grouse?

Meaning: a medium to large game bird with a plump body.

Singular and Plural of Grouse

Singular Plural
Grouse Grouses

Grouse as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The hunter spotted a solitary grouse in the woods.
  2. The birdwatcher observed the male grouse during its courtship display.
  3. The hiker startled a female grouse and it flew away.
  4. The camouflage helped the grouse blend into its natural habitat.
  5. He cooked a delicious meal using the freshly hunted grouse.
  6. The conservationist studied the behavior of the endangered sage grouse.
  7. The guide pointed out the nesting ground of the native grouse.
  8. The sound of the drumming grouse echoed through the forest.
  9. The hounds sniffed the air in search of the hidden grouse.
  10. The photographer captured a close-up shot of the colorful grouse.

Grouse as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The hunters bagged several plump grouse during the hunting trip.
  2. The bird enthusiasts spotted a group of mating grouse in the field.
  3. The forest was home to many different species of grouse.
  4. They set up a blind to observe the courting behavior of the male grouse.
  5. The conservation efforts aimed to protect the habitats of the endangered grouse.
  6. The ruffed grouse is known for its distinctive drumming sound.
  7. The hunters flushed out a covey of grouse from the bushes.
  8. The wildlife photographers captured stunning images of the dancing grouse.
  9. The Scottish moors are famous for their population of red grouse.
  10. The annual grouse hunting season attracted many sport enthusiasts.

Singular Possessive of Grouse

The singular possessive form of “Grouse” is “Grouse’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Grouse:

  1. The hunter admired the beauty of grouse’s feathers.
  2. The dog flushed out the grouse’s from the bushes.
  3. The photographer captured the image of grouse’s in flight.
  4. The hunter aimed at the grouse’s with precision.
  5. Grouse’s habitat is usually in wooded areas.
  6. The hiker spotted the grouse’s nest.
  7. The guide imitated the sound of grouse’s to attract them.
  8. The sighting of grouse’s is a rare occurrence.
  9. The conservationist studied the behavior of grouse’s.
  10. The biologist monitored the population of grouse’s.

Plural Possessive of Grouse

The plural possessive form of “Grouse” is “Grouse’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Grouse:

  1. The hunters tracked multiple grouse’s in the area.
  2. The photographers captured stunning images of the grouse’s.
  3. The conservationists protected the habitats of various grouse’s.
  4. The dog trainers worked with multiple grouse’s for training.
  5. Grouse’s behavior varies depending on the species.
  6. The birdwatchers spotted different types of grouse’s.
  7. The researchers studied the migration patterns of grouse’s.
  8. The hunters aimed at the flock of grouse’s.
  9. The campers enjoyed the sights and sounds of grouse’s.
  10. The guides led tours to observe the mating rituals of grouse’s.

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