Habitus Plural, What is the plural of Habitus?

Meaning: a person’s general constitution, especially physical build.

Plural of Habitus

Singular Plural
Habitus Habitus

Habitus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The athlete’s habitus contributed to their success.
  2. The researcher observed the bee’s habitus
  3. Her graceful habitus impressed everyone in the room.
  4. The artist captured the bird’s elegant habitus in the painting.
  5. The scientist studied the insect’s unique habitus.
  6. The dancer’s strong habitus allowed for impressive moves.
  7. The biologist examined the fish’s habitus for research purposes.
  8. The writer described the main character’s habitus in detail.
  9. The photographer captured the model’s confident habitus.
  10. The professor discussed the significance of social habitus.

Habitus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The researchers analyzed various insect habitus.
  2. The exhibition showcased different animal habitus.
  3. The students compared the habitus of different plants.
  4. The photographers captured the diverse bird habitus.
  5. The scientists studied the fish habitus in different habitats.
  6. The botanists examined the tree habitus in the forest.
  7. The architects considered the building habitus for their design.
  8. The museum displayed the cultural habitus of different societies.
  9. The documentary explored the cultural habitus of indigenous tribes.
  10. The ethnographer observed the social habitus of the community.

Singular Possessive of Habitus

The singular possessive form of “Habitus” is “Habitus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Habitus:

  1. Habitus’s posture reflected confidence and grace.
  2. The artist captured Habitus’s essence in the painting.
  3. Habitus’s style influenced the fashion industry.
  4. The model showcased Habitus’s latest collection on the runway.
  5. The photographer admired Habitus’s unique beauty.
  6. Habitus’s demeanor conveyed professionalism and elegance.
  7. The dancer’s movements embodied Habitus’s training.
  8. Habitus’s body language revealed a sense of poise.
  9. The actor portrayed Habitus’s character with authenticity.
  10. Habitus’s presence commanded attention on the stage.

Plural Possessive of Habitus

The plural possessive form of “Habitus” is “Habitus'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Habitus:

  1. The students admired Habitus’ performances in the theater.
  2. The designers drew inspiration from Habitus’ creations.
  3. Habitus’ movements were synchronized and precise.
  4. The team followed Habitus’ instructions for the routine.
  5. The actors studied Habitus’ techniques for their roles.
  6. Habitus’ influence on the industry was undeniable.
  7. The performers showcased Habitus’ talents at the concert.
  8. Habitus’ presence on the field energized the team.
  9. The musicians played in harmony with Habitus’ conducting.
  10. Habitus’ contributions to the art community were celebrated.

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