Ghost Plural, What is the plural of Ghost?

Meaning: an apparition of a dead person.

Singular and Plural of Ghost

Singular Plural
Ghost Ghosts

Ghost as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The spooky ghost haunted the old mansion.
  2. The child believed in the existence of friendly ghosts.
  3. The ghost‘s ethereal figure floated through the room.
  4. The writer penned a chilling tale about a vengeful ghost.
  5. The moonlight illuminated the translucent form of the ghost.
  6. The old legend told of a tragic ghost searching for peace.
  7. The haunted house was rumored to be inhabited by restless ghosts.
  8. The ghost story sent shivers down the listeners’ spines.
  9. The protagonist encountered a friendly ghost in the abandoned castle.
  10. The apparition of the ghost appeared only at midnight.

Ghost as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The paranormal investigators searched for evidence of lingering ghosts.
  2. The cemetery was rumored to be haunted by the spirits of ghosts.
  3. The old mansion was believed to be the dwelling place of multiple ghosts.
  4. The children told scary stories about mischievous ghosts during the campfire.
  5. The ghosts of the past were said to haunt the historic building.
  6. The abandoned asylum was believed to be a hotspot for restless ghosts.
  7. The paranormal researchers recorded mysterious sounds attributed to ghosts.
  8. The documentary explored eyewitness accounts of encounters with ghosts.
  9. The village folklore was filled with tales of vengeful and benevolent ghosts.
  10. The horror movie depicted a group of friends being terrorized by malevolent ghosts.

Singular Possessive of Ghost

The singular possessive form of “Ghost” is “Ghost’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ghost:

  1. The paranormal investigator sensed Ghost’s presence.
  2. The writer included Ghost’s story in the novel.
  3. Ghost’s appearance sent shivers down their spine.
  4. The medium communicated with Ghost’s spirit.
  5. The folklore described Ghost’s haunting behavior.
  6. Ghost’s image appeared in the photograph.
  7. The documentary explored Ghost’s legends and myths.
  8. The artist depicted Ghost’s ethereal figure on canvas.
  9. Ghost’s whispers echoed in the old house.
  10. The psychic claimed to have communicated with Ghost’s energy.

Plural Possessive of Ghost

The plural possessive form of “Ghost” is “Ghosts'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ghost:

  1. The paranormal investigators sensed the Ghosts’ presence in the haunted house.
  2. The writer included the Ghosts’ stories in the collection of tales.
  3. Ghosts’ appearances sent shivers down their spines.
  4. The mediums communicated with the Ghosts’ spirits during the seance.
  5. The folklore described the Ghosts’ haunting behaviors in various locations.
  6. Ghosts’ images appeared in multiple photographs taken at the haunted site.
  7. The documentary explored the Ghosts’ legends, myths, and encounters.
  8. The artists depicted the Ghosts’ ethereal figures in their artworks.
  9. Ghosts’ whispers echoed throughout the old mansion.
  10. The psychics claimed to have communicated with the Ghosts’ energies during the paranormal investigation.

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