Graffiti Plural, What is the plural of Graffiti?

Meaning of Graffiti

writing or drawings scribbled, scratched.

Singular and Plural of Graffiti

Singular Plural
Graffiti Graffiti

Graffiti as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The colorful graffiti added vibrancy to the city streets.
  2. Some consider graffiti as a form of artistic expression.
  3. The artist created a thought-provoking graffiti
  4. The city authorities are working to prevent illegal graffiti.
  5. Graffiti can be found in unexpected places around the city.
  6. The local community organized a graffiti festival to celebrate street art.
  7. Graffiti can reflect social and political messages.
  8. Removing unauthorized graffiti requires specialized cleaning techniques.
  9. The artist’s signature can often be seen in their graffiti.
  10. Appreciating the beauty of graffiti requires an open mind.

Graffiti as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The walls were covered in colorful graffiti.
  2. The authorities worked to clean up the unauthorized graffiti.
  3. Graffitis in public spaces can spark discussions about art.
  4. The city implemented stricter policies to deter illegal graffitis.
  5. Some neighborhoods embrace and support creative graffiti
  6. Graffitis are often seen as a form of urban art.
  7. Artists from around the world contributed to the collection of graffitis.
  8. The city commissioned local artists to create legal graffitis.
  9. Tourists often take pictures of the unique graffitis they encounter.
  10. The evolution of graffitis reflects changing cultural and social norms.

Singular Possessive of Graffiti

The singular possessive form of “Graffiti” is “Graffiti’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Graffiti:

  1. The artist expressed creativity through Graffiti’s colors and forms.
  2. Graffiti’s messages provoke thought and discussion.
  3. The curator displayed Graffiti’s masterpiece in the gallery.
  4. We appreciated the skill and technique in Graffiti’s details.
  5. The urban landscape is enriched by Graffiti’s presence.
  6. Graffiti’s social commentary challenges norms and perceptions.
  7. The preservationist advocated for protecting Graffiti’s cultural significance.
  8. The photographer captured the essence of Graffiti’s vibrant expression.
  9. We marveled at Graffiti’s ability to transform public spaces.
  10. Graffiti’s artistry can be controversial but captivating.

Plural Possessive of Graffiti

The plural possessive form of “Graffiti” is “Graffiti’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Graffiti:

  1. The city council debated the legality of multiple Graffiti’s locations.
  2. The historians documented the evolution of different Graffiti’s styles.
  3. The gallery displayed various Graffiti’s artists’ works.
  4. We admired the diversity of messages in the neighborhood Graffiti’s.
  5. The preservationists aimed to protect the historical Graffiti’s pieces.
  6. The tour guide highlighted the significance of different Graffiti’s murals.
  7. The photographers captured the essence of street Graffiti’s scenes.
  8. We appreciated the skill and precision of the Graffiti’s creators.
  9. The social media influencers documented their favorite Graffiti’s pieces.
  10. The art collectors sought to acquire notable Graffiti’s artworks.

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