Porch Plural, What is the Plural of Porch?

Meaning: shelter projecting the entrance of a building

Singular and Plural of Porch

Singular Plural
porch Porches

Porch as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She sat on the cozy porch with a cup of tea.
  2. The wooden swing on the porch creaked gently.
  3. The cat lazed on the sunny porch in the afternoon.
  4. She enjoyed the view from the front porch.
  5. The sound of rain on the porch was soothing.
  6. The rocking chair on the porch provided relaxation.
  7. The old house had a charming wrap-around porch.
  8. She placed a potted plant on the porch railing.
  9. The wicker furniture adorned the spacious porch.
  10. The scent of flowers filled the air on the porch.

Porch as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The old houses had inviting front porches.
  2. They gathered on the back porches for a barbecue.
  3. The Victorian-style homes boasted beautiful wrap-around porches.
  4. The sound of laughter echoed from the neighboring porches.
  5. The children played games on their respective porches.
  6. The homes in the neighborhood featured cozy screened-in porches.
  7. The families enjoyed evenings together on their shared porches.
  8. They decorated their porches with festive lights for the holidays.
  9. The rocking chairs lined the spacious wooden porches.
  10. The view from their elevated porches was breathtaking.

Singular Possessive of Porch

The singular possessive form of “Porch” is “Porch’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Porch

  1. Porch’s wooden steps creaked under our weight.
  2. We sat on Porch’s swing and enjoyed the sunset.
  3. Porch’s railing was freshly painted white.
  4. The cat curled up on Porch’s cozy chair.
  5. We decorated Porch’s entrance with potted plants.
  6. The raindrops drummed against Porch’s roof.
  7. We spent lazy afternoons on Porch’s comfortable couch.
  8. Porch’s ceiling fan provided a cool breeze.
  9. The lightbulb on Porch’s porch flickered and then went out.
  10. We placed a welcome mat outside Porch’s front door.

Plural Possessive of Porch

The plural possessive form of “Porch” is “Porches'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Porch

  1. The neighborhood was lined with beautiful porches’.
  2. We admired the flowers on the porches’ railing.
  3. The sound of laughter filled the porches’ air.
  4. The dogs lounged on the porches’ wooden floors.
  5. We waved to our neighbors from our respective porches’.
  6. The paint on the porches’ columns was peeling.
  7. We enjoyed the view of the sunset from the porches’ deck.
  8. The wind chimes hung from the porches’ eaves.
  9. The birds built nests near the porches’ eaves.

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