Jury Plural, What is the plural of Jury?

Meaning: a body of people (typically twelve in number) sworn to give a verdict.

Plural of Jury

Singular Plural
Jury Jurys

Jury as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The jury listened attentively to the witness.
  2. The jury deliberated for several hours before reaching a verdict.
  3. The judge dismissed a juror from the jury.
  4. The defense attorney addressed the jury in her closing argument.
  5. The jury was selected from a pool of potential jurors.
  6. The jury examined the evidence presented during the trial.
  7. The jury found the defendant guilty of the crime.
  8. The jury was instructed to remain impartial throughout the trial.
  9. The jury foreperson announced the final decision.
  10. The jury members were sequestered during the trial.

Jury as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The juries in both cases reached different verdicts.
  2. The defense attorneys presented their cases to the juries.
  3. The judge excused the juries for a brief recess.
  4. The juries were comprised of diverse individuals.
  5. The juries listened to the testimony of multiple witnesses.
  6. The attorneys made compelling arguments to the juries.
  7. The juries were given instructions on how to deliberate.
  8. The juries carefully considered the evidence before reaching a decision.
  9. The verdicts of both juries had significant implications.
  10. The juries‘ decisions were based on the facts presented.

Singular Possessive of Jury

The singular possessive form of “Jury” is “Jury’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Jury:

  1. The jury’s decision was unanimous.
  2. The evidence pointed to the jury’s conclusion.
  3. The judge respected the jury’s deliberations.
  4. The witness testified under the jury’s scrutiny.
  5. The lawyer presented the case to the jury’s satisfaction.
  6. The defendant’s fate rested in the jury’s hands.
  7. The prosecutor questioned the jury’s impartiality.
  8. The defense attorney challenged the jury’s verdict.
  9. The judge acknowledged the importance of the jury’s role.
  10. The courtroom was silent during the jury’s announcement.

Plural Possessive of Jury

The plural possessive form of “Jury” is “Juries'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Jury:

  1. The decisions of the juries’ were inconsistent.
  2. The lawyers respected the juries’ deliberations.
  3. The witnesses testified under the juries’ scrutiny.
  4. The judges considered the juries’ recommendations.
  5. The defendants’ fate rested in the juries’ hands.
  6. The prosecutors questioned the juries’ impartiality.
  7. The defense attorneys challenged the juries’ verdicts.
  8. The judges acknowledged the importance of the juries’ role.
  9. The courtrooms were silent during the juries’ announcements.
  10. The lawyers presented their cases to the juries’ satisfaction.

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