Fossa Plural, What is the plural of Fossa?

Meaning: a shallow depression or hollow.

Singular and Plural of Fossa

Singular Plural
Fossa Fossae

Fossa as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The fossa is a carnivorous mammal found in Madagascar.
  2. I saw a fossa at the zoo yesterday.
  3. The fossa hunts lemurs in the wild.
  4. The fossa has retractable claws for climbing trees.
  5. The fossa is known for its agility and speed.
  6. A fossa can grow up to 6 feet in length.
  7. The fossa has sharp teeth for tearing flesh.
  8. I watched a documentary about the fossa on TV.
  9. The fossa is an important predator in its ecosystem.
  10. We need to protect the fossa from habitat loss.

Fossa as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The lemurs were being hunted by a group of fossas.
  2. The population of fossas is declining due to deforestation.
  3. The fossas were hiding in the dense forest.
  4. I spotted two fossas while hiking in Madagascar.
  5. The ecosystem relies on the presence of fossas to maintain balance.
  6. The researchers observed the behavior of several fossas in the wild.
  7. The fossas are top predators in their habitat.
  8. A group of fossas was seen near the river.
  9. The zoo has successfully bred and raised several fossas.
  10. The conservation efforts aim to protect the habitats of fossas.

Singular Possessive of Fossa

The singular possessive form of “Fossa” is “Fossa’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Fossa:

  1. Fossa’s agility helps it navigate the trees.
  2. I admire the sleekness of Fossa’s fur.
  3. Fossa’s hunting skills are impressive.
  4. Fossa’s natural habitat is the forests of Madagascar.
  5. The appearance of Fossa’s teeth is unique.
  6. Fossa’s movements are swift and graceful.
  7. Fossa’s territory is carefully guarded.
  8. I appreciate Fossa’s role in the ecosystem.
  9. Fossa’s diet consists mainly of small mammals.
  10. Fossa’s existence is crucial for biodiversity.

Plural Possessive of Fossa

The plural possessive form of “Fossa” is “Fossae’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Fossa:

  1. Fossae’s agility allows them to navigate complex environments.
  2. I find the patterns on fossae’s fur fascinating.
  3. Fossae’s hunting strategies vary based on prey.
  4. Fossae’s natural habitats are limited to specific regions.
  5. The shapes of fossae’s teeth differ among individuals.
  6. Fossae’s movements are coordinated and precise.
  7. Fossae’s territories overlap with other predators.
  8. I study the ecological impact of fossae’s presence.
  9. Fossae’s diets play a role in maintaining ecosystem balance.
  10. Fossae’s populations contribute to biodiversity.

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