Carry Plural, What is the Plural of Carry?

Meaning: support and move (someone or something).

Plural of Carry

Singular Plural
Carry Carries

Synonyms of Carry

  • bear
  • bring
  • lift
  • lug
  • move
  • ferry
  • give
  • haul
  • hoist
  • import

Carry as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He struggled to lift the heavy carry.
  2. She held the carry tightly in her hands.
  3. The hiker packed their essentials in a small carry.
  4. He slung the carry over his shoulder and headed out the door.
  5. The traveler checked their large carry at the airport.
  6. She unzipped the carry and pulled out her laptop.
  7. The doctor carried a small carry containing medical supplies.
  8. He rummaged through the carry in search of his keys.
  9. The passenger placed their small carry in the overhead compartment.
  10. The athlete carried a water bottle in their carry.

Carry as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The travelers loaded their backpacks into their carries.
  2. They each had a small carry for their personal belongings.
  3. The hikers packed their carries with food and water.
  4. The team members organized their equipment into their respective carries.
  5. The airline enforced strict size limits for carries.
  6. The passengers retrieved their carries from the conveyor belt.
  7. The explorers trekked through the wilderness with heavy carries on their backs.
  8. The students stored their books and notebooks in their carries.
  9. The adventurers secured their camping gear to their carries.
  10. The passengers waited patiently to retrieve their carries from the overhead bins.

Singular Possessive of Carry

The singular possessive form of “Carry” is “Carry’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Carry:

  1. I borrowed Carry’s pen for the exam.
  2. Carry’s dog is very playful and energetic.
  3. We are going to Carry’s house for dinner.
  4. The book on the shelf is Carry’s favorite.
  5. The keys to the car are in Carry’s pocket.
  6. Carry’s computer crashed, and he lost all his files.
  7. I need to return Carry’s jacket to him tomorrow.
  8. The painting in the gallery is Carry’s masterpiece.
  9. Did you see Carry’s car parked outside the building?
  10. The trophy belongs to Carry’s soccer team.

Plural Possessive of Carry

The plural possessive form of “Carry” is “Carries'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Carry:

  1. The students listened to Carries’ presentation attentively.
  2. We admired the athletes’ dedication to Carries’ sport.
  3. The friends gathered at Carries’ house for a party.
  4. The musicians played Carries’ compositions beautifully.
  5. Carries’ bicycles were parked outside the store.
  6. The actors’ performances in Carries’ play were outstanding.
  7. The employees celebrated Carries’ achievements at the company.
  8. The team captain announced Carries’ victory with pride.
  9. The scientists’ research papers were published in Carries’ journals.
  10. Carries’ children are all talented musicians.

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