Coverage Plural, What is the plural of Coverage?

Meaning: the extent to which something deals with something else.

Plural of COVERAGE



  • analysis
  • insurance
  • report
  • broadcasting
  • description
  • indemnity
  • scope

Coverage as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The news anchor provided live coverage of the breaking story.
  2. The insurance policy offered comprehensive coverage for various risks.
  3. The journalist conducted an in-depth coverage of the political event.
  4. The weather report included coverage of the upcoming storm.
  5. The reporter filed a detailed coverage of the sports event.
  6. The magazine featured extensive coverage of the fashion week.
  7. The website provided real-time coverage of the concert.
  8. The satellite provided global coverage of the Earth’s surface.
  9. The company expanded its cellular network coverage to rural areas.
  10. The court trial received widespread media coverage.

Coverage as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The newspaper articles provided different perspectives and coverages of the event.
  2. The TV station offered live coverages of the sports matches.
  3. The news outlets provided continuous coverages of the natural disaster.
  4. The magazine published in-depth coverages of various topics.
  5. The media’s coverages sparked a national conversation on the issue.
  6. The radio station offered extensive coverages of local news and events.
  7. The website featured multimedia coverages of the music festival.
  8. The newspaper’s international coverages shed light on global affairs.
  9. The journalists provided unbiased coverages of the political campaign.
  10. The documentary provided comprehensive coverages of historical events.

Singular Possessive of Coverage

The singular possessive form of “Coverage” is “Coverage’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Coverage:

  1. I need to review Coverage’s details before deciding.
  2. The report highlights Coverage’s limitations.
  3. We should consider Coverage’s impact on costs.
  4. The team analyzed Coverage’s effectiveness.
  5. Coverage’s importance cannot be overstated.
  6. The policy determines Coverage’s scope.
  7. We must assess Coverage’s relevance in this case.
  8. The document outlines Coverage’s terms and conditions.
  9. The insurer is responsible for Coverage’s fulfillment.
  10. We need to clarify Coverage’s applicability in this situation.

Plural Possessive of Coverage

The plural possessive form of “Coverage” is “Coverages'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Coverage:

  1. The company reviewed all Coverages’ requirements.
  2. We need to assess the Coverages’ adequacy.
  3. The team analyzed the costs of Coverages’ implementation.
  4. Coverages’ implications should be considered carefully.
  5. We should evaluate the effectiveness of Coverages’ provisions.
  6. The report highlights Coverages’ limitations.
  7. The insurer is responsible for Coverages’ fulfillment.
  8. We need to clarify Coverages’ applicability in various scenarios.
  9. The policy determines Coverages’ scope and exclusions.
  10. Coverages’ benefits vary based on individual circumstances.

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