Arbeit Plural, What is the plural of Arbeit?

Meaning of Arbeit

The meaning of ARBEIT is:  Arbeit is a word of the German language which means “work” or “labour”. It is also a surname, and may refer to: Arnold Arbeit (1911–1974), American artist and architect. Jochen Arbeit, German guitarist.

Singular and Plural of Arbeit

The plural of Arbeit is Arbeiten.


Arbeit as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The German word “Arbeit” means work in English.
  2. He dedicated himself to his Arbeit and achieved success.
  3. The artist found inspiration in his Arbeit.
  4. She described her Arbeit in great detail during the presentation.
  5. The philosopher discussed the nature of Arbeit in society.
  6. The book explores the historical significance of Arbeit.
  7. The professor assigned a research paper on the concept of Arbeit.
  8. The documentary highlighted the impact of meaningful Arbeit.
  9. They debated the role of Arbeit in personal fulfillment.
  10. The government implemented policies to promote fair Arbeit practices.

Arbeit as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The workers demanded better conditions for their Arbeit.
  2. The union fought for the rights of all Arbeit.
  3. The company recognized the importance of valuing its Arbeit.
  4. They discussed the challenges faced by various Arbeits.
  5. The conference brought together experts from different Arbeits.
  6. The economic report analyzed the contributions of different Arbeits.
  7. The students researched the impact of automation on Arbeits.
  8. The organization provided resources for unemployed Arbeits.
  9. They studied the demographics of different Arbeits in the region.
  10. The government implemented programs to support displaced Arbeits.

Singular Possessive of Arbeit 

The singular possessive form of “Arbeit” is “Arbeit’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Arbeit:

  1. I need to finish Arbeit’s report before the deadline.
  2. The success of the project depends on Arbeit’s leadership.
  3. Please submit Arbeit’s request to the HR department.
  4. Arbeit’s dedication to the job is commendable.
  5. The responsibility for the task lies with Arbeit’s team.
  6. The progress of the project is reflected in Arbeit’s efforts.
  7. The quality of the presentation reflects Arbeit’s skills.
  8. Arbeit’s opinion is valued in the decision-making process.
  9. Arbeit’s commitment to excellence is evident.
  10. We admire Arbeit’s professionalism and work ethic.

Plural Possessive of Arbeit 

The plural possessive form of “Arbeit” is Arbeit’s. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Arbeit:

  1. The employees’ dedication to their Arbeit’s success is admirable.
  2. The teams’ collaboration is essential for Arbeit’s growth.
  3. The company’s expansion depends on its Arbeit’s strategy.
  4. The managers’ decisions shape Arbeit’s future.
  5. The clients’ satisfaction is crucial for Arbeit’s reputation.
  6. The shareholders’ investments contribute to Arbeit’s development.
  7. The employees’ loyalty reflects their belief in Arbeit’s vision.
  8. The customers’ feedback is valuable for Arbeit’s improvement.
  9. The suppliers’ reliability is vital for Arbeit’s operations.
  10. The stakeholders’ involvement is essential for Arbeit’s success.

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