Girl Plural, What is the Plural of Girl?

Meaning of Girl

The meaning of Girl is a female child.

Singular and Plural of Girl, Girls in English

Singular Plural
Girl Girls

Synonyms of Girl

  • adolescent
  • babe
  • baggage
  • bint
  • bird
  • bit
  • broad
  • charlie
  • chick
  • chook
  • colleen
  • dame
  • damsel
  • demoiselle

Girl as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The girl smiled and waved at her friend.
  2. She skipped happily, a carefree girl.
  3. The little girl hugged her stuffed animal tightly.
  4. The girl danced gracefully across the stage.
  5. She shared her sandwich with a hungry girl.
  6. The girl played with her dollhouse for hours.
  7. The talented girl painted a beautiful landscape.
  8. The shy girl peeked out from behind her mother’s legs.
  9. The girl ran to catch up with her friends at the park.
  10. She read a captivating story to the curious girl.

Girl as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The playground was filled with laughing girls.
  2. The group of girls giggled at a funny joke.
  3. They formed a circle and held hands, singing together like a choir of girls.
  4. The school bus picked up the girls one by one.
  5. The soccer field was bustling with energetic girls.
  6. The summer camp brought together a diverse group of girls.
  7. The classroom was full of enthusiastic girls eager to learn.
  8. The friends gathered for a sleepover, a fun night for the girls.
  9. The birthday party was a joyful celebration with balloons and happy girls.
  10. The sports team consisted of talented and determined girls.

Singular Possessive of Girl

The singular possessive form of “Girl” is “Girl’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Girl:

  1. Girl’s dress is hanging in the closet.
  2. I borrowed Girl’s pen for the exam.
  3. The color of Girl’s eyes is stunning.
  4. Girl’s voice filled the room with joy.
  5. Please return Girl’s backpack to her.
  6. Girl’s laughter echoed through the park.
  7. The teacher praised Girl’s artwork.
  8. I love the sound of Girl’s guitar playing.
  9. Can you pass Girl’s message to her?
  10. Girl’s hair is beautifully styled.

Plural Possessive of Girl

The plural possessive form of “Girl” is “Girls'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Girl:

  1. Girls’ dresses are displayed in the store.
  2. I admire the teamwork of Girls’ soccer team.
  3. The smiles on Girls’ faces were contagious.
  4. The principal addressed Girls’ concerns.
  5. Girls’ voices harmonized perfectly in the choir.
  6. The teacher praised Girls’ academic achievements.
  7. The party was hosted at Girls’ house.
  8. I enjoy reading Girls’ stories and poems.
  9. Can you bring me some of Girls’ photographs?
  10. Girls’ talents were showcased in the talent show.

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