French Plural, What is the plural of French?

Meaning: relating to France or its people or language.

Singular and Plural of French

Singular Plural
French French

French as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The French language is known for its romantic sound.
  2. The recipe called for a touch of French culinary techniques.
  3. The painter was influenced by French
  4. The French cuisine is famous for its exquisite flavors.
  5. The fashion industry often looks to French designers for inspiration.
  6. The book explores the history of French
  7. The ballet company performed a classic French
  8. The embassy provided assistance to French citizens abroad.
  9. The traveler was eager to learn French before visiting Paris.
  10. The movie depicted a historical event in French

French as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The language school offers classes in multiple languages, including Frenches.
  2. The bookstore has a section dedicated to world literatures, including various Frenches.
  3. The documentary highlighted the diverse cultures and dialects of Frenches.
  4. The university offers courses in different Frenches spoken around the world.
  5. The linguist studied the phonetics and grammar of various Frenches.
  6. The library houses a collection of books in different Frenches.
  7. The museum displayed art from different periods of Frenches
  8. The conference discussed the influences and evolution of different Frenches.
  9. The online platform offers translation services for multiple Frenches.
  10. The cultural exchange program aimed to promote understanding among different Frenches.

Singular Possessive of French

The singular possessive form of “French” is “French’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of French:

  1. French’s cuisine is known for its flavors.
  2. I enjoy the elegance of French’s language.
  3. French’s culture is rich in art and history.
  4. French’s influence can be seen worldwide.
  5. The beauty of French’s architecture is remarkable.
  6. French’s fashion industry sets global trends.
  7. French’s customs and traditions are fascinating.
  8. I appreciate French’s contributions to literature.
  9. French’s music evokes emotions and passion.
  10. French’s hospitality is warm and welcoming.

Plural Possessive of French

The plural possessive form of “French” is “French’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of French:

  1. French’s cuisines offer a variety of flavors.
  2. I love the diversity of French’s languages.
  3. French’s cultures have influenced many nations.
  4. French’s influences can be found in different regions.
  5. The grandeur of French’s architectures is awe-inspiring.
  6. French’s fashion styles set global trends.
  7. French’s customs and traditions reflect their heritage.
  8. I enjoy reading French’s literature from different eras.
  9. French’s music genres encompass various styles.
  10. French’s hospitality is renowned worldwide.

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