Amoeba Plural, What is the plural of Amoeba?

Meaning of Amoeba

The meaning of Amoeba is a single-celled animal that catches food and moves about by extending fingerlike projections of protoplasm. Amoebas are either free-living in damp environments or parasitic.

Singular and Plural of Amoeba

The plural of Amoeba is amoebas. Here are some example sentences and synonyms of Amoeba.

Singular Plural
Amoeba Amoebas

Amoeba as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The amoeba is a single-celled organism.
  2. The amoeba moves by extending its pseudopodia.
  3. The scientist observed the amoeba under a microscope.
  4. The amoeba reproduces through a process called binary fission.
  5. The amoeba engulfs food particles using its pseudopodia.
  6. The biologist studied the behavior of the amoeba in different environments.
  7. The amoeba is capable of changing its shape and adapting.
  8. The student created a model of an amoeba for the science fair.
  9. The amoeba is a common subject of study in microbiology.
  10. The presence of an amoeba in the water indicates contamination.

Amoeba as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The pond contains several different species of amoebas.
  2. The biologists discovered diverse populations of amoebas in the soil.
  3. The researchers are studying the behaviors of different amoebas.
  4. The lake water was tested for harmful amoebas.
  5. The amoebas play an important role in the ecosystem.
  6. The scientists are investigating the genetic diversity among the amoebas.
  7. The microbiology lab is conducting experiments with various types of amoebas.
  8. The student presented her findings on different species of amoebas.
  9. The researchers collected samples of water to analyze the presence of amoebas.
  10. The diversity of amoebas in the ocean is vast.

Singular Possessive of Amoeba 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Amoeba:

  1. The Amoeba’s pseudopod captured its prey.
  2. The biologist studied the Amoeba’s reproductive cycle.
  3. The microscope revealed the Amoeba’s intricate structure.
  4. The scientist analyzed the Amoeba’s genetic makeup.
  5. The Amoeba’s movement was observed under the microscope.
  6. The researcher discovered a new Amoeba’s species.
  7. The petri dish contained the Amoeba’s colony.
  8. The student observed the Amoeba’s behavior in different environments.
  9. The biologist studied the Amoeba’s feeding habits.
  10. The Amoeba’s ability to adapt fascinated researchers.

Plural Possessive of Amoeba 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Amoeba:

  1. The growth rates of Amoebas’ varied with nutrients.
  2. Researchers studied interactions among different Amoebas’.
  3. The microscope revealed intricate structures of the Amoebas’.
  4. Scientists observed changes in Amoebas’ behavior.
  5. The Amoebas’ movements were analyzed using tracking software.
  6. The researcher discovered new species of Amoebas’.
  7. Petri dishes contained colonies of Amoebas’.
  8. The student documented behaviors of different Amoebas’.
  9. The biologist studied feeding patterns of Amoebas’.
  10. Researchers studied evolution of Amoebas’ over time.

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