Dye Plural, What is the Plural of Dye?

Meaning: synthetic substance used to add a color.

Plural of Dye

Singular Plural
Dye Dyes


  • pigment
  • stain
  • tint
  • color
  • dyestuff

Dye as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The vibrant dye gave the fabric a bright color.
  2. She spilled dye on her hands while tie-dyeing.
  3. The artist mixed different dyes to create unique shades.
  4. The dye seeped into the fibers, staining the cloth.
  5. The dye transformed the plain white fabric into a masterpiece.
  6. The chemist studied the properties of different fabric dyes.
  7. The dye spread evenly, resulting in a uniform color.
  8. The hairdresser applied the dye to cover the gray hair.
  9. The textile industry produces a wide range of synthetic dyes.
  10. The dye faded over time, losing its original intensity.

Dye as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The artist used various dyes to create a vibrant painting.
  2. The workshop offered a selection of natural fabric dyes.
  3. The shelves were filled with bottles of colorful fabric dyes.
  4. The chemist analyzed the composition of different textile dyes.
  5. The dyes blended together, forming a mesmerizing pattern.
  6. The tie-dye kit included multiple vibrant fabric dyes.
  7. The fashion designer experimented with unconventional fabric dyes.
  8. The painter mixed different dyes to achieve the desired hues.
  9. The manufacturer developed eco-friendly alternatives to chemical dyes.
  10. The artisans specialized in traditional textile dyes.

Singular Possessive of Dye

The singular possessive form of “Dye” is “Dye’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Dye:

  1. The dye’s color is vibrant.
  2. Dye’s consistency determines the outcome.
  3. Can I use dye’s intensity for tie-dye?
  4. The dye’s application requires precision.
  5. The dye’s odor is quite strong.
  6. Dye’s effect on fabric is remarkable.
  7. The dye’s container is tightly sealed.
  8. Can I see the dye’s expiration date?
  9. I’m amazed by dye’s color-fastness.
  10. Dye’s impact on hair is transformative.

Plural Possessive of Dye

The plural possessive form of “Dye” is “Dyes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Dye:

  1. The dyes’ shades complement each other.
  2. Can I mix the dyes’ formulations?
  3. The dyes’ vibrancy is impressive.
  4. What are the dyes’ ingredients?
  5. The dyes’ application process requires care.
  6. Dyes’ effect on fabric varies.
  7. Can I store the dyes’ containers together?
  8. The dyes’ color combinations are endless.
  9. I’m impressed by the dyes’ color retention.
  10. Dyes’ impact on different materials is fascinating.

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