Breath Plural, What is the plural of Breath?

Meaning of Breath is

the air taken into or expelled from the lungs.

Singular and Plural of Breath

Singular Plural
Breath Breaths

Breath as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He took a deep breath before diving into the water.
  2. The cold air made his breath visible.
  3. She felt a warm breath on her neck.
  4. The runner struggled to catch his breath after the race.
  5. The doctor checked the patient’s breath for any abnormalities.
  6. A sigh of relief escaped her breath.
  7. The singer held her breath before hitting the high note.
  8. His breath smelled of mint after brushing his teeth.
  9. The cold wind made her breath feel icy.
  10. He blew out the candles with a single breath.

Breath as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The icy winds took away their breaths.
  2. They could see their breaths in the freezing air.
  3. The synchronized swimmers held their breaths underwater.
  4. The hikers took short breaths to conserve energy.
  5. The doctor listened to their breaths using a stethoscope.
  6. The divers surfaced, gasping for breaths.
  7. The meditation instructor taught them to focus on their breaths.
  8. Their heavy breaths echoed through the quiet forest.
  9. The runners panted, trying to catch their breaths.
  10. The firefighters wore masks to protect their breaths from smoke.

Singular Possessive of Breath

The singular possessive form of “Breath” is “Breath’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Breath:

  1. I could feel the breath’s warmth on my face.
  2. The breath’s intensity took me by surprise.
  3. The dancer’s graceful breath’s rhythm captivated the audience.
  4. The doctor examined the patient’s breath’s odor.
  5. He exhaled, feeling the breath’s release of tension.
  6. The athlete focused on controlling his breath’s rhythm.
  7. The singer’s powerful breath’s projection filled the auditorium.
  8. She leaned in, feeling the gentle touch of his breath’s whisper.
  9. The wind carried the breath’s scent of blooming flowers.
  10. I watched as the dog’s breath’s mist disappeared into the cold air.

Plural Possessive of Breath

The plural possessive form of “Breath” is “Breaths'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Breath:

  1. The divers held their breaths’ anticipation before plunging into the water.
  2. The hikers listened to the mountain breaths’ rhythmic whisper.
  3. The choir harmonized their breaths’ melodies.
  4. The yoga class synchronized their breaths’ movements.
  5. The swimmers’ breaths’ rhythm matched the waves’ ebb and flow.
  6. The runners caught their breaths’ in unison after crossing the finish line.
  7. The children blew out the candles, extinguishing the breaths’ wishes.
  8. The meditation group focused on their breaths’ calming rhythm.
  9. The newborn puppies’ tiny breaths’ filled the room.
  10. The chorus of laughter echoed through the room, mingling with the audience’s breaths’.

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