Consortium Plural, What is the Plural of Consortium?

Meaning: an association, typically of several companies.


Singular Plural
Consortium Consortiums


  • conglomerate
  • monopoly
  • ring
  • syndicate
  • corporation
  • gang
  • holding company
  • mob

Consortium as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The consortium agreed to fund the research project.
  2. The university formed a consortium with industry partners.
  3. The consortium played a key role in advancing technology.
  4. The government established a public-private consortium.
  5. The company joined a global consortium for sustainable development.
  6. The consortium aimed to tackle environmental challenges.
  7. The nonprofit organization led the humanitarian consortium.
  8. The conference brought together members of the international consortium.
  9. The consortium of artists collaborated on a multimedia project.
  10. The healthcare consortium focused on improving patient outcomes.

Consortium as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The consortia work together to promote cultural exchange.
  2. The university partners with multiple industry consortia.
  3. The research findings were shared among the scientific consortia.
  4. The consortia jointly funded a groundbreaking study.
  5. The conference brought together various international consortia.
  6. The project benefited from the expertise of multiple consortia.
  7. The collaboration involved several regional consortia.
  8. The nonprofit organization supports local community consortia.
  9. The company is a member of several industry consortia.
  10. The government encouraged the formation of new scientific consortia.

Singular Possessive of Consortium

The singular possessive form of “Consortium” is “Consortium’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Consortium:

  1. The consortium’s collaboration leads to innovation.
  2. We should leverage the consortium’s expertise for success.
  3. The consortium’s contribution benefits all involved parties.
  4. Can you outline the consortium’s goals and objectives?
  5. The consortium’s network enhances collective capabilities.
  6. We should appreciate the consortium’s diverse membership.
  7. The consortium’s impact extends beyond individual organizations.
  8. Have you considered the consortium’s long-term sustainability?
  9. The consortium’s leadership fosters effective coordination.
  10. The team is evaluating the consortium’s overall performance.

Plural Possessive of Consortium

The plural possessive form of “Consortium” is “Consortia’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Consortium:

  1. We should collaborate with different consortia’s members.
  2. The team is studying the consortia’s collective efforts.
  3. The consortia’s collaborations drive industry advancements.
  4. Can you assess the consortia’s shared resources?
  5. The consortia’s initiatives promote knowledge exchange.
  6. We should explore the consortia’s potential for growth.
  7. The consortia’s expertise spans various sectors.
  8. Have you considered the consortia’s impact on policy-making?
  9. The consortia’s diversity strengthens the collective voice.
  10. The team is analyzing the consortia’s strategic partnerships.

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