Davis Plural, What is the Plural of Davis?

Meaning: Davis is a common patronymic surname.

Plural of Davis

Singular Plural
Davis Daviss

Synonyms of Davis

  • puma
  • mountain lion
  • sailing master
  • panther
  • cougar

Davis as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Davis is a talented musician.
  2. Please pass the message to Davis.
  3. Davis won the award for best actor.
  4. Can you introduce me to Davis?
  5. Davis loves to play basketball in his free time.
  6. The painting was created by Davis.
  7. Davis is known for his brilliant writing.
  8. I saw Davis at the grocery store yesterday.
  9. Davis is a professor at the university.
  10. Let’s invite Davis to our party.

Davis as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The Davises are hosting a barbecue this weekend.
  2. We met the Davises at the wedding reception.
  3. The Davises have a beautiful garden in their backyard.
  4. Please give my regards to the Davises.
  5. The Davises always throw amazing parties.
  6. We have been friends with the Davises for years.
  7. The Davises went on a vacation to Hawaii.
  8. The Davises are planning a family reunion.
  9. I saw the Davises at the theater last night.
  10. The Davises donated generously to the charity.

Singular Possessive of Davis

The singular possessive form of “Davis” is “Davis’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Davis:

  1. Davis’s book is a bestseller.
  2. We attended Davis’s lecture on history.
  3. Davis’s research received international recognition.
  4. The impact of Davis’s work was significant.
  5. Davis’s dedication to teaching is commendable.
  6. We analyzed Davis’s contributions to the field.
  7. Davis’s expertise in the subject is unparalleled.
  8. We explored Davis’s theories in depth.
  9. Davis’s findings revolutionized the field.
  10. The influence of Davis’s ideas cannot be ignored.

Plural Possessive of Davis

The plural possessive form of “Davis” is “Davises'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Davis:

  1. The Davises’ mansion is impressive.
  2. We interviewed the Davises’ family members.
  3. Davises’ philanthropic efforts made a difference.
  4. The Davises’ achievements were celebrated.
  5. We studied the Davises’ impact on the community.
  6. Davises’ business ventures were successful.
  7. The Davises’ wealth grew over the years.
  8. We examined the legacy of the Davises’ empire.
  9. The Davises’ generosity benefited many.
  10. The Davises’ influence extended beyond their industry.

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