Daddy Plural, What is the Plural of Daddy?

Meaning; the oldest, best, or biggest example of something.

Plural of DADDY

Singular Plural
Daddy Daddies


  • old man
  • papa
  • pa
  • pop
  • pappy
  • parent

Daddy as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Daddy read me a bedtime story.
  2. Can daddy fix my broken toy?
  3. I love spending time with daddy.
  4. Daddy is the best cook in our family.
  5. I drew a picture for daddy at school.
  6. Daddy taught me how to ride a bike.
  7. Daddy helped me with my homework.
  8. I’m going to the park with daddy.
  9. Daddy gives the best hugs.
  10. I want to be just like daddy when I grow up.

Daddy as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The daddies took their children to the park.
  2. The daddies cooked a delicious meal for the family.
  3. The daddies organized a playdate for their kids.
  4. The daddies attended the school event together.
  5. The daddies went on a fishing trip.
  6. The daddies played catch with their children.
  7. The daddies built a treehouse for their kids.
  8. The daddies helped with the school project.
  9. The daddies cheered for their children at the game.
  10. The daddies gave thoughtful Father’s Day gifts.

Singular Possessive of Daddy

The singular possessive form of “Daddy” is “Daddy’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Daddy:

  1. Daddy’s car is parked in the garage.
  2. We cherish Daddy’s love and guidance.
  3. Daddy’s presence brings joy to the family.
  4. We celebrated Daddy’s birthday with a surprise.
  5. Daddy’s advice is always valuable.
  6. We appreciate Daddy’s hard work and sacrifices.
  7. Daddy’s support means the world to us.
  8. We enjoyed a picnic with Daddy’s homemade sandwiches.
  9. Daddy’s sense of humor lightens the mood.
  10. The bond between a child and Daddy’s heart is special.

Plural Possessive of Daddy

The plural possessive form of “Daddy” is “Daddies'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Daddy:

  1. The Daddies’ voices filled the room with laughter.
  2. We observed the interactions between the Daddies’ and their children.
  3. Daddies’ love for their kids is unconditional.
  4. We honored the contributions of the Daddies’ group.
  5. The Daddies’ commitment to parenting is commendable.
  6. We celebrated the achievements of the Daddies’ club.
  7. Daddies’ role in child development is crucial.
  8. The support network among the Daddies’ community is strong.
  9. We organized a workshop for the Daddies’ group.
  10. The Daddies’ dedication to their families is inspiring.

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