Executrix Plural, What is the plural of Executrix?

Meaning: a female executor of a will.

Singular and Plural of Executrix

Singular Plural
Executrix Executrixes

Executrix as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The lawyer appointed her as the executrix of the will.
  2. The executrix handled the legal matters of the estate.
  3. The court recognized her as the competent executrix of the business.
  4. The deceased’s wishes were carried out by the appointed executrix.
  5. The responsibilities of the executrix included asset distribution.
  6. The lawyer explained the duties and powers of the executrix.
  7. The family trusted her to fulfill her role as the executrix.
  8. The executrix ensured that the last wishes were followed.
  9. The legal document named her as the sole executrix of the trust.
  10. The executrix provided a detailed account of the estate’s assets.

Executrix as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The lawyers represented the appointed executrices in court.
  2. The meeting gathered a group of competent executrices to discuss the estate.
  3. The will named multiple executrices to handle the affairs.
  4. The attorneys guided the executrices through the legal process.
  5. The conference provided a platform for executrices to share experiences.
  6. The support group offered assistance and resources to grieving executrices.
  7. The workshop aimed to educate potential executrices on their roles and responsibilities.
  8. The lawyers advised the appointed executrices on asset management.
  9. The network connected executrices facing similar challenges.
  10. The organization recognized the valuable contributions of female executrices.

Singular Possessive of Executrix

The singular possessive form of “Executrix” is “Executrix’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Executrix:

  1. The responsibilities of an Executrix’s role are significant.
  2. I admire the dedication in Executrix’s duties.
  3. The lawyer explained the legal obligations in Executrix’s position.
  4. The will outlined Executrix’s authority and tasks.
  5. Executrix’s attention to detail ensured a smooth process.
  6. The family trusted Executrix’s decision-making abilities.
  7. The court recognized the validity of Executrix’s actions.
  8. The document listed the assets under Executrix’s control.
  9. Executrix’s role requires organization and communication skills.
  10. The seminar provided guidance for an Executrix’s responsibilities.

Plural Possessive of Executrix

The plural possessive form of “Executrix” is “Executrices'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Executrix:

  1. The lawyers represented multiple clients’ executrices’.
  2. The estate’s distribution involved various executrices’.
  3. The meeting addressed concerns raised by different executrices’.
  4. Executrices’ decisions impact the beneficiaries’ interests.
  5. The court recognized the competence of the executrices’.
  6. The document outlined the powers and rights of executrices’.
  7. The seminar provided training for aspiring executrices’.
  8. We should respect the choices made by individual executrices’.
  9. Executrices’ responsibilities require legal knowledge and ethics.
  10. The book highlighted the challenges faced by executrices’.

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