Chair Plural, What is the Plural of Chair?

Meaning: a separate seat for one person.

Plural of CHAIR

Singular Plural
Chair Chairs

Synonyms of CHAIR

  • armchair
  • cathedra
  • rocker
  • bench
  • recliner

Chair as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I sat on the comfortable chair in the waiting room.
  2. The wooden chair was beautifully carved.
  3. The office chair provided good lumbar support.
  4. Can you bring an extra chair for the guest?
  5. The dining table had six matching chairs.
  6. The professor stood at the front of the chair.
  7. The lounge had plush leather chairs.
  8. The rocking chair creaked as she sat down.
  9. The patio chair was folded and stored for the winter.
  10. The barber adjusted the height of the chair.

Chair as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The conference room had rows of comfortable chairs.
  2. The theater had cushioned chairs with cup holders.
  3. The restaurant rearranged the chairs for a larger party.
  4. The school auditorium had a capacity of 500 chairs.
  5. The waiting area had a mix of sofas and chairs.
  6. The boardroom was equipped with ergonomic chairs.
  7. The classroom had desks and chairs for each student.
  8. The outdoor event rented folding white chairs.
  9. The coffee shop had a cozy corner with armchairs and small chairs.
  10. The library had study tables with adjustable chairs.

Singular Possessive of Chair

The singular possessive form of “Chair” is “Chair’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Chair

  1. The Chair’s cushion is soft and comfortable.
  2. Please adjust the height of the Chair’s seat.
  3. The office assigned the Chair’s role to me.
  4. I like the design of the Chair’s armrests.
  5. Chair’s stability is essential for safety.
  6. The meeting room’s Chair’s upholstery needs cleaning.
  7. Chair’s ergonomic features promote good posture.
  8. The company replaced the old Chair’s with new ones.
  9. Chair’s backrest offers excellent support.
  10. The client admired the elegance of the Chair’s design.

Plural Possessive of Chair

The plural possessive form of “Chair” is “Chairs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Chair

  1. The conference room needs more Chairs’.
  2. We arranged the Chairs’ in a circle for the discussion.
  3. The event venue provided the Chairs’ for the attendees.
  4. The school invested in new Chairs’ for the classrooms.
  5. Chairs’ arrangement depends on the room setup.
  6. The office staff maintained the cleanliness of the Chairs’.
  7. The board members occupied the front row Chairs’.
  8. The theater reserved the VIP Chairs’ for special guests.
  9. Chairs’ comfort is crucial for long meetings.
  10. The participants occupied the empty Chairs’.

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