Shrimp Plural, What is the Plural of Shrimp?

Meaning: a small free-swimming crustacean

Plural of Shrimp

Singular Plural
shrimp shrimps

Synonyms of Shrimp

  • whelk
  • shellfish
  • prawn
  • oyster
  • mollusc
  • crustacean
  • conch
  • bivalve

Shrimp as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I ordered grilled shrimp for dinner.
  2. The shrimp cocktail was served with a tangy sauce.
  3. The chef sautéed the shrimp with garlic and butter.
  4. The seafood restaurant is famous for its fried shrimp.
  5. Can you peel the shrimp before cooking?
  6. The dish is a combination of shrimp and noodles.
  7. The market sells fresh and frozen shrimp.
  8. The recipe calls for jumbo shrimp.
  9. The fisherman caught a bucket of shrimp.
  10. The sushi rolls are filled with avocado and shrimp.

Shrimp as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The buffet offers a variety of grilled and fried shrimps.
  2. The seafood platter includes different types of shrimps.
  3. The chef prepared a dish with mixed grilled shrimps.
  4. The restaurant specializes in Cajun-style shrimps.
  5. The seafood market sells fresh and frozen shrimps.
  6. The stir-fry contains a medley of vegetables and shrimps.
  7. The pasta dish is topped with succulent shrimps.
  8. The recipe requires peeling and deveining the shrimps.
  9. The sushi rolls are filled with tempura-battered shrimps.
  10. The seafood buffet serves a wide variety of shrimps.

Singular Possessive of Shrimp

The singular possessive form of “Shrimp” is “Shrimp’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Shrimp

  1. The Shrimp’s flavor complements the dish.
  2. Please remove the Shrimp’s shell before cooking.
  3. The recipe calls for Shrimp’s tail to be intact.
  4. I enjoy the texture of Shrimp’s meat.
  5. Shrimp’s freshness is crucial in seafood dishes.
  6. The chef prepared Shrimp’s sauce from scratch.
  7. Shrimp’s aroma filled the kitchen.
  8. The restaurant serves Shrimp’s specialties.
  9. Shrimp’s availability varies by season.
  10. The customers praised the Shrimp’s tenderness.

Plural Possessive of Shrimp

The plural possessive form of “Shrimp” is “Shrimps'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Shrimp

  1. The chef recommends the Shrimps’ appetizer platter.
  2. We import different types of Shrimps’ from around the world.
  3. The fishing industry relies on Shrimps’ abundance.
  4. The market prices for Shrimps’ fluctuate daily.
  5. Shrimps’ sizes determine their market value.
  6. The chefs debated the best way to cook Shrimps’.
  7. The menu features various Shrimps’ dishes.
  8. The seafood restaurant specializes in Shrimps’ cuisine.
  9. Shrimps’ quality affects the overall dining experience.
  10. The fishermen are proud of their Shrimps’ catch.

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