Corps Plural, What is the Plural of Corps?

Meaning: a main subdivision of an army in the field, consisting of two or more divisions.

Plural of CORPS

Singular Plural
Corps Corps


  • band
  • body
  • division
  • squad
  • contingent
  • crew
  • detachment

Corps as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He joined the Peace Corps to serve in developing countries.
  2. The Marine Corps is known for its discipline and bravery.
  3. The medical corps responded to the humanitarian crisis.
  4. The engineering corps built vital infrastructure in the region.
  5. The corps of volunteers provided assistance during the disaster.
  6. The diplomatic corps played a crucial role in international negotiations.
  7. The military corps trained extensively for the mission.
  8. The educational corps focused on improving literacy rates.
  9. The healthcare corps worked tirelessly to treat patients.
  10. The peacekeeping corps facilitated conflict resolution efforts.

Corps as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The soldiers joined different military corps based on their specialties.
  2. The theater showcased performances from various dance corps.
  3. The medical field has different specialized corps.
  4. The volunteers served in different disaster relief corps.
  5. The organization supported multiple community development corps.
  6. The government recognized the contributions of different peacekeeping corps.
  7. The educational sector benefitted from the expertise of different teaching corps.
  8. The company employed diverse engineering corps.
  9. The festival featured performances by renowned musical corps.
  10. The conservation efforts involved collaboration among different environmental corps.

Singular Possessive of Corps

The singular possessive form of “Corps” is “Corps’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Corps:

  1. The corps’s discipline ensures mission success.
  2. We should recognize the corps’s dedication and sacrifice.
  3. The corps’s expertise contributes to national security.
  4. Can you assess the corps’s leadership capabilities?
  5. The corps’s training prepares individuals for challenges.
  6. We should honor the corps’s traditions and heritage.
  7. The corps’s unity strengthens camaraderie among members.
  8. Have you evaluated the corps’s organizational structure?
  9. The corps’s values guide decision-making and actions.
  10. The team is studying the corps’s impact on society.

Plural Possessive of Corps

The plural possessive form of “Corps” is “Corpses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Corps:

  1. We should recognize different corpses’ contributions to society.
  2. The team is studying the corpses’ historical achievements.
  3. The corpses’ legacies inspire future generations.
  4. Can you analyze the corpses’ distinct roles and responsibilities?
  5. The corpses’ presence ensures safety and stability.
  6. We should appreciate the corpses’ collective impact.
  7. The corpses’ traditions shape their identity.
  8. Have you considered the corpses’ influence on policy-making?
  9. The corpses’ professionalism sets high standards.
  10. The team is evaluating the corpses’ overall effectiveness.

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