Soil Plural, What is the Plural of Soil?

Meaning: upper layer of earth in which plants grow

Plural of Soil

Singular Plural
soil soils

Synonyms of Soil

  • turf
  • topsoil
  • sod
  • mould
  • marl
  • loam
  • humus
  • ground
  • earth
  • dust
  • dirt
  • clay

Soil as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The rich soil is ideal for growing crops.
  2. The gardener amended the soil with compost.
  3. The rainwater seeped into the thirsty soil.
  4. The farmer plowed the soil to prepare for planting.
  5. The soil erosion caused by heavy rains was concerning.
  6. The plants thrived in the well-drained and fertile soil.
  7. She studied the composition and pH of the garden soil.
  8. The drought affected the moisture content of the soil.
  9. The earthworms help aerate and enrich the garden soil.
  10. The nutrients in the soil support the growth of plants.

Soil as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The farmers tested different soils for their crops.
  2. The gardeners tilled the fertile soils to plant the seeds.
  3. The horticulture class studied the different types of garden soils.
  4. The heavy rains saturated the agricultural soils.
  5. The landscapers evaluated the quality of the residential soils.
  6. The construction project required analyzing the stability of the building soils.
  7. They gathered samples of different soils for the geology research.
  8. The erosion control measures aimed to protect the vulnerable soils.
  9. The botanist examined the microorganisms in the forest soils.
  10. The geologists conducted a survey of the region’s geological formations and soils.

Singular Possessive of Soil

The singular possessive form of “Soil” is “Soil’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Soil

  1. The plant thrived in the soil’s nutrient-rich composition.
  2. The gardener added fertilizer to the soil’s surface.
  3. The rainwater seeped into the soil’s porous layers.
  4. Can you test the pH level of the soil’s acidity?
  5. The farmer tilled the soil’s top layer for planting.
  6. The earthworms aerated the soil’s compacted structure.
  7. The gardener noticed worms in the soil’s moist patches.
  8. The soil’s color indicated its mineral content.
  9. The gardener enriched the soil’s fertility with compost.
  10. The roots absorbed water from the soil’s moisture.

Plural Possessive of Soil

The plural possessive form of “Soil” is “Soils'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Soil

  1. The farmers studied different soils’ compositions for crops.
  2. Can you analyze the soils’ chemical properties in the lab?
  3. The gardeners mixed various soils’ textures for better drainage.
  4. The soils’ moisture content varied across the fields.
  5. The geologists classified the soils’ formations and layers.
  6. The plant’s growth depended on the soils’ nutrient availability.
  7. The rainwater infiltrated the soils’ permeable surfaces.
  8. Can you measure the depth of the soils’ topsoil layer?
  9. The farmers rotated crops to maintain the soils’ health.
  10. The soils’ color indicated their organic matter content.

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