Priest Plural, What is the Plural of Priest?

Meaning: an ordained minister of the Catholic

Singular and Plural of Priest

Singular Plural
priest priests

Priest as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The priest conducted the wedding ceremony.
  2. The priest delivered a sermon to the congregation.
  3. The young boy aspired to become a priest one day.
  4. The Catholic priest listened to the confessions of the parishioners.
  5. The priest blessed the newborn baby at the baptism ceremony.
  6. The priest provided spiritual guidance to the community.
  7. The priest presided over the funeral service.
  8. The elderly priest shared wisdom with the younger clergy.
  9. The Hindu priest performed the rituals at the temple.
  10. The Buddhist priest meditated in the monastery.

Priest as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The village had several dedicated priests.
  2. The conference brought together religious priests from different faiths.
  3. The priests gathered for their annual retreat.
  4. The Catholic church appointed new priests to the parish.
  5. The group of priests led the worship service.
  6. The Hindu temple had a team of dedicated priests.
  7. The monastery housed a community of Buddhist priests.
  8. The priests performed sacred rituals during the ceremony.
  9. The Protestant church ordained both male and female priests.
  10. The ancient civilization revered their priests as spiritual leaders.

Singular Possessive of Priest

The singular possessive form of “Priest” is “Priest’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Priest:

  1. Priest’s sermon captivated the congregation.
  2. The church recognized Priest’s dedication and service.
  3. The responsibility of organizing the event fell on Priest’s shoulders.
  4. Priest’s robe was embroidered with intricate patterns.
  5. People sought Priest’s guidance during difficult times.
  6. The community appreciated Priest’s involvement in social initiatives.
  7. Priest’s words of wisdom resonated with the audience.
  8. The parishioners celebrated Priest’s anniversary with a special ceremony.
  9. Priest’s counseling helped individuals overcome their challenges.
  10. The church relied on Priest’s leadership for spiritual guidance.

Plural Possessive of Priest

The plural possessive form of “Priest” is “Priests'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Priest:

  1. Priests’ sermons addressed a range of topics.
  2. The congregation admired priests’ devotion to their faith.
  3. The responsibility of managing the parish fell on priests’ shoulders.
  4. Priests’ robes were decorated with intricate designs.
  5. People sought priests’ blessings during religious ceremonies.
  6. The community appreciated priests’ efforts in community outreach.
  7. Priests’ words of advice resonated with the parishioners.
  8. The parish celebrated priests’ anniversaries with special events.
  9. Priests’ counseling sessions offered guidance to many individuals.
  10. The church relied on priests’ collective wisdom for spiritual leadership.

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